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Doers not Dreamers: Qualities to become a successful Entrepreneur

May 27, 2019

Doers not Dreamers: Qualities to become a successful Entrepreneur
Doers not Dreamers: Qualities to become a successful Entrepreneur | Photography: Inlen

You may think famous professionals like Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Ferris, Lori Greiner, or Richard Branson and many more successful entrepreneurs are extraordinarily talented individuals that make them winning leaders in their respective industry. However, you are wrong here, they are not unique people but have a few traits, commonly termed as ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ that sets them apart from the others. So what is this entrepreneurial spirit, you may ask, which let some people climb the ladder of success and the others with the same dream and goal that fail. 

The entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset with which they function, an attitude that actively seeks change, embraces critical questioning, innovation, and continuous improvement. 

Some people have inherent abilities to be an achiever, but everyone who desires to thrive as an entrepreneur can learn and acquire the personality traits for entrepreneurial success. Here are the most common characteristics seen in many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs that you can obtain and make it your attitude.

1. Clarity of goal

Successful entrepreneurs know their purpose. They know what they desire to achieve, understand the reason for their existing; this is a vital part of heading on to the victory ladder. The goal may vary from person to person, some desire to make a lot of money, for others they want to be the reason to change the world. Whatever small or big the goal is, knowing the real purpose and being focused on it is what drives you to positive results.

2. Firm self-believe

Successful entrepreneurs have a strong self-belief with which they back themselves completely, even when no one supports them. This is an essential trait of the winners' attitude - overcome doubting yourself because others don’t believe in you, conquer the fear, have strong self-worth and self-esteem, which leads you to become unstoppable.

3. Have an open mind

Being open-minded is one of the top qualities of leading world-class entrepreneurs. Don't rest on your laurels but always seek to learn more, enhance what you are doing to do it in a better way.

4. Incredible people skills

Successful entrepreneurs treat their networks with exceptional respect, focus on building relationships over many years and have the vital ability to hold their values to grow together in business in leaps and bounds.

Employ your time and energy in building your networks, and act without expectation of reciprocation.

5. Recharge themselves

Successful entrepreneurs value their wellbeing and grow their skills at all levels. Be it physically and mentally you need to recharge your batteries regularly and include this as an essential activity of life.

6. Step out of comfort zones

Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to challenge themselves in all situations, every time. Living within your comfort zones cannot guarantee you your progress, so adopt the attitude to self-challenge your abilities and make yourself strong to better be able to deal with the issues, rise and maintain a positive attitude always.

7. Well built self-discipline

Successful entrepreneurs are self-disciplined individuals that have a strong sense of self-control, self-direction and self-responsibility. When you can motivate yourself to do what you should do, even when you don’t feel like it, your success is virtually guaranteed. Building the habit of doing the things with the understanding that it is the price you need to pay to seek your goal is the sign of achievers.

8. Strong persistence

Persistence is the jewel of successful entrepreneurs. Whether you face setbacks and disappointments, you won’t stop on your journey upward on the quest toward success. The attitude that no matter what happens, you will never give up, the courage to face adversity, willingness to persevere longer, will give the guarantee for you to become a winner.