Fashion as a Career is very much in Vogue!

May 09, 2019

Fashion as a Career is very much in Vogue!
Fashion as a Career is very much in Vogue! | Photography: Goldfalconinc

You dream of sketching dresses and suits, making it a full-time career. The stylist in you does not want to look for a profession beyond, as the passion for fashion is rooted in your bones. You are all ready to pursue your studies in fashion design to land in your dream job. However, you are worried that your parents will not be too supportive of your dream of being a designer, then you are not alone.

Many parents consider the creative field of fashion as a whimsical dream that is unattainable and valueless. Times have changed, and parents are broadening their outlook, even becoming more liberal giving their children a broader choice for their career but still several parents get worried when their children select to become a fashion designer. 

While designing is equally fierce learning as engineering or any other profession, the traditional parent still loves to flaunt about the engineering projects and not feel the same about children designing dresses, saree or clothes.

This is because most parents consider the mainstream field of studies like business, engineering and medicine as a secured and steady career option compared to becoming a fashion designer, stylist or an event manager. However, the world rapidly is shifting to a point where the demand for artistic and creative skills is growing and will become magnanimous soon.

Engaging yourself in a field that robots cannot do is the best way forward, as artificial intelligence and automation are going to take away many mainstream jobs from the market. Hence, if you have a flair for designing and fine arts, it is a great career selection.

The real world picture is that some of the leading colleges have recently introduced the Fine Arts courses, but maximum institutes still do not consider Fine Arts as a subject. This led to many prospective students to stop dreaming of sketching either because of a shortage of institutes or lack of approval of family and society.

But, if you have a passion for fashion and are ready to stick to it, then don’t let society and its challenges dictate your thoughts and goals. However, you must know that the field of fashion is not easy and if you’re drawn to it because of the glamour then rethink. It may seem glamorous but requires a lot of hard work, where you have to deal with tight deadlines, last-minute changes and sleepless nights. The field is for those who are passionate and determined to go out the extra mile to achieve your creative goals.

The field requires people to be creative and stay innovative in their approach all the time. You need to develop critical thinking, explore alternatives and know how to communicate and convert your ideas into reality. 

Look for inspiration everywhere from everything. Originality is the key and gets you ready to explore options. You have multi-career possibilities from being a stylist, fashion brand PR to a publicist and marketing manager, see what interests you the most.

If you have a creative eye, the role of a fashion designer is for your and options of being a costume designer and fashion photographer are there. Then there is a garment production process with tasks like upholsterer, sample machinist, pattern graders, analytical textile technologists and project scientists. Those with people skills have jobs like stylist and personal shopper, and leadership roles like production manager, marketing manager, or head of innovation, etc.

Having excellent observation skills will help you be open to various possibilities and learn from them and translate them into your profession. This is vital in creating your identity as a leading fashion designer. So, while studying the design program search your forte that will help create a unique identity for yourself and create a personal, authentic brand.