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VG Siddhartha’s death is a wake-up call to Entrepreneurs in India

Dec 10, 2019

VG Siddhartha’s death is a wake-up call to Entrepreneurs in India
VG Siddhartha’s death is a wake-up call to Entrepreneurs in India | Photography: Livemint

VG Siddhartha or the Coffee King of India is no more. His alleged suicide has sent shock waves across the entrepreneurs’ community as well as the people of the country alike. A man known for his simplicity and humility, he had positively impacted millions of lives with his venture Cafe Coffee Day. This brings to light the vulnerable situation that even the most established entrepreneurs face in our country. Even in other parts of the world entrepreneurs are found to be more susceptible to mental health disorders when compared to other people.

With many top entrepreneurs in India talking about the disturbing turn of events, it is time that we noticed the amount of pressure that entrepreneurs are expected to deal with regularly.

This makes it imperative for entrepreneurs to put self-care first. Here are ways that entrepreneurs, both existing and aspiring, can ensure that they live a peaceful life with good health.

Keep a check on your physical and mental health

It is very easy for entrepreneurs to neglect their health in the rat-race of growth and expansion. But, it is important to remember that good health is the foundation of all success in life. Physical health is what keeps everything else in place and deterioration in this can lead to mental health problems and various complications as well. Stick to a routine of taking care of physical as well as mental health on a regular basis and stick to it.

Ensure that you build a solid support system

Having a great support system of loved ones who care for you and will have your back during difficult times is imperative. This kind of non-judgmental, loving support can make times of difficulty as well as times of happiness more meaningful and balanced. You will also be a source of support for the others in the group when they go through issues and in-turn will be able to learn from their experiences as well. Communicate with this set of people regularly and make sure that you do not lose touch.

Seek help when in need

Entrepreneurs are so used to doing everything on their own that they tend to forget that there are people who can help around them. They overlook people who care for them and try to manage all issues with no external help.

This can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on entrepreneurs. Seeking help from people is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it is a sign of strength to accept when you need help and seek it from the right people. It is very important to remember this.

Build a circle of trust

Keeping decisions and crucial information a secret might be required to an extent in your entrepreneurial journey. But, it is also equally important to build a circle of people whom you trust and talk about your decisions to them. Of course, this circle has to be built with utmost care. However, ones you are able to do this, you will be able to get objective opinions about your decisions and will have more opportunity for course correction before it is too late. Secretive behavior will add to a lot of stress that can be avoided if you have a circle of trust.

On the whole, entrepreneurs are leaders and their well-being is important to the well-being of the society. In addition to entrepreneurs taking care of themselves, it is the responsibility of their family and friends too to be considerate of their pressures and watch out for signs of depression or burn-out.

In fact, this applies to everybody, not just to entrepreneurs. Take care of yourself as well as people around you because nothing is more important than good health, physical as well as mental.