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Why do Different forms of Government continue to fail?

Jun 10, 2019

Why do Different forms of Government continue to fail?
Why do Different forms of Government continue to fail? | Photography: Theconversation

We must acknowledge that human governments have done good things for the citizens in many cases. Many human governments have had good intentions for the people they rule.

Some human rulers are good hearted, loving, kind and self-sacrificing individuals. Some have even put their life in danger to make sure that they bring a better change for people. And with noble intentions, human leaders have tried every form of government throughout human history.

But despite all this, we have repeatedly failed to come up with one form of government that would eliminate all human suffering, injustice, crime, disease, unemployment, family crisis, hunger, and poverty.

And the key question is: Why have governments continued to fail throughout human history? That is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Granted, there are several reasons that people give for the continued failure of governments. However, in this article we’ll talk about some different reasons.

Not all government officials may share a leader’s bright vision

There some good leaders with good intentions who have a bright vision, goals, values for the nation. But these leaders are often surrounded by key men and women in government and law makers who may not fully share the same vision, goals and values.

For example, when funds are released by the government for the benefit of the citizens to be used for a specific project, how many times have we heard that those funds were misappropriated, misused, misdirected, mismanaged by other leaders under him without bringing full economical benefit to the ordinary citizens for whom the funds were intended?

Humans were not made to rule themselves

The biggest reason why governments continue to fail is that humans were not made to rule themselves.

?It’s been centuries now since humans started ruling themselves. If they were made to rule themselves, by this 21st century, humans would have succeeded in coming up with one kind of government that serves as a one-time solution to all problems.

And currently, things are getting worse in many countries in the world. Just switch on the TV or radio and listen to the news. In almost every country, be it wealthy or developing nations, governments are facing one kind of crisis or another in governance, finance, health, employment, warfare management, health and a host of other problems. And there seems to be no permanent solution in sight.

There is no human leader alive today who can say confidently say that his nation does enjoy complete peace financially, medically, family-wise, governance-wise, and health-wise. And there is no human leader who can boldly raise his hand and say he has a permanent solution to all these world problems.

It’s not easy to change hearts of citizens

Many countries have kind, loving and helpful citizens. They want to be nice to each other. They provide fine services for their fellow citizens. They want to be obedient to human governments and try to make things easy for their leaders to rule and implement government programs. Yet it is a fact that all citizens are imperfect humans with hearts and minds that are not easy to change for the good of all.

It is difficult to change their minds and hearts because we are all born imperfect. And some of the worst crimes in human history have actually been committed by some of these ordinary citizens.

Sometimes public infrastructure is vandalized by ordinary citizens despite the governments’ efforts to bring development in the community.

For example, in one country, the government built brand new public toilets in the community and fitted them with good plumbing system. Sadly, within a short time, all the good plumbing system was vandalized and taken, rendering the toilets unusable.

Human leaders are imperfect

They continue to fail because they continue to be imperfect human beings too. And all imperfect humans make a lot of mistakes, and that includes all human leaders. ?

No matter how many times one tries to do things correctly, mistakes are bound to be made. This is also true with human leaders. No matter how many times they have attempted to do things differently and correctly, they continue to fail because we are all imperfect and we make many mistakes.

And these errors may be reflected in their style of leadership, management of tax payers’ money, lack of compassion for the vulnerable society and so on.

And just as it is true with ordinary citizens, some of the worst crimes or injustices have been committed by human leaders to the detriment of innocent and helpless citizens.

And in their quest for rulership and authority, helpless citizens have suffered through out human history. Despite being good hearted and with noble intentions, the imperfections and mistakes of leaders perpetuate the failure of human governments.