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Salman Khan in Jail – Bollywood grieves while common man rejoices

Apr 10, 2018

Salman Khan in Jail – Bollywood grieves while common man rejoices
Salman Khan in Jail – Bollywood grieves while common man rejoices | Credit: Times of India

Salman Khan and court cases have never been new to us or to the media. The bad-boy of Bollywood has had more than his share scandalous cases. He has been courting controversy quite literally throughout his career. Yesterday, the Jodhpur court sentenced the actor to a jail term of five years for poaching of two blackbucks. While the jail term is still not final as desperate attempts to arrange for a bail are going on, the star has been forced to stay in jail until such time that a bail appeal is made. This is because the jail term is more than three years.

The Jodhpur court just deferred the bail hearing to Saturday, forcing the actor to spend another night in jail.

As the nation discusses what jail-food he was offered but did not eat, let us look at some of the important aspects of this controversial star’s more-than-a-brush with the legal system.

History of the case

The incident for which he has been convicted now happened way back in 1998. The actor and his other co-stars were in Jodhpur for filming a Bollywood drama. Salman Khan and a few others drove around the town in a gypsy with Khan at the wheel and spotted a herd of blackbucks passing by. Seeing this, Salman Khan took out his gun and shot two of the blackbucks. This is what the court verdict of yesterday has revealed. The other actors who were present in the gypsy were acquitted by the court yesterday.

The blackbuck is an endangered species and poaching or hunting of the species is a criminal offence no doubt. But, what makes Salman Khan’s act unforgivable is that this is not his only case of poaching. He has been a habitual offender who is also accused of two other incidents of poaching other endangered deer species on two separate occasions at two separate places.

This judgment itself has been given after 20 years of the incident, which is definitely too long a delay.

Bollywood responds

Many Bollywood stars including Jaya Bachchan, Subash Ghai, Simi Garewal, Arjun Rampal, etc have expressed views in support of Salman Khan. It does look like most of the industry is siding with him and believes that he did nothing that deserves such a harsh punishment.

The general feeling among the public

In social media as well as in the public, there is a sense of relief amidst the majority of the people that even if justice was delayed, it did its job in the end. Salman Khan’s lawyers will certainly appeal to a higher court and we don’t really know how many days the actor will actually spend in jail, but this verdict is being welcomed by the people.

Yes, there still are die-hard fans of the actor who can see no flaw in him. But, thankfully, the frenzy definitely seems to be coming down.

Other infamous cases of Salman Khan

Apart from the two other poaching cases that have been slapped on him, Salman Khan was accused of killing a man and injuring four others in a hit-and-run case in Mumbai. The star was accused of drunken driving and his car had supposedly rammed onto the victims who were sleeping on a footpath. Though the trial court found him guilty, the Bombay High Court said that there was not enough evidence. Who drove the car that killed the victim is yet to come to light. This case is currently pending at the Supreme Court.

His ex-girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai, had also accused him of physical and emotional abuse in 2002. The actress had said that she was harassed by him after they broke up.