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Bye bye soap -operas, Digital video Streaming is Here.

Feb 05, 2019

Bye bye soap -operas, Digital video Streaming is Here.
Bye bye soap -operas, Digital video Streaming is Here. | Credit: Dailyhunt

With video streaming biggies like Netflix and Amazon Prime video landing in India, 2016 proved to be a milestone year for them. India recorded nearly 160 million digital video viewers by the end of 2016; looks like the video streaming wave has caught up and is here to stay. 

Since the launch of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, India's OTT (over-the-top) video streaming market has increased significantly. The introduction of promotional and cheaper mobile data plans propelled the rapid growth of customers.

Gone are those days when the entertainment options were limited to the nearest movie theatres or community centre. The whole new technology has brought with it a new face of art and concepts of television and cinema, which has evolved to match the sensibilities of the urban Indians

Amidst the digital revolution influencing today's entertainment industry, the changes that have come along are very significant and the impact is too great to disregard. 

The OTT pleasure of digital streaming videos is the new fix; urban Indians of all ages are obsessed with movies and serials streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Binging on these videos is perhaps escapism for an average working Indian. Owing to the streaming of uninterrupted videos, these platforms are the new face of entertainment. Along with great creativity, production quality, uninterrupted streaming ads and censorship are some of the reasons why these videos are so captivating.

Such digital streaming video services allow access at to various interesting and gripping content which does not require CD, VHS or any other form of equipment aside from your viewing device. This service has revolutionized the entire entertainment industry. The impact is not only seen with the audience but also with the content created.

Impact on the World of Showbiz

Traditionally, the Indian entertainment industry was synonymous with soap operas and long-motions films. The industry has evolved with time, lifestyle, and tastes of the audience.

Digital video streaming has opened up new opportunities as this dramatic change has put forth new demands to weave up new stories.

The fondness of urban India to the digital platforms has forced the entertainment industry to rethink the criteria of generation of content across verticals like television, films, and music.

Changing lifestyles, the increasing young crowd and the rise in the number of digital devices as the medium of content consumption has pushed the creators to revise their strategy to produce sensible content. 

Some film-makers in the Indian film industry have imbibed the changing trends and have produced high-quality, content-driven cinema. People do not want to watch the run-of-the-mill movies but are demanding entertainment options that are modern. 

The popularity of events like EDM music event, Sunburn Festival is a proof that India is a potential market for experimental events and new content.

In the Indian entertainment industry, energetic content is the new criterion not only with the audience but also with the creators and organizers as well. The major trend change in engaging the audience through live events via social media and online channels is not just an easy and popular way to reach the audience but also an effortless way to make big bucks.

Digital content is going be the norm at least for the next 5 years, but at this point, no guesses can be made on the impact this trend can cause. Online video viewing is already a new normal for the entertainment sector. The penetration of the internet even in the rural areas has presented the Indian film industry a platform to ramp up their presence in the digital world and capitalize with the shift with this consumer behavior.

Given the massive shifts in the consumer trend, the implication of the behavior built-in by the digital video streaming channels (Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) will be huge on both the television and film industry.