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Manikarnika and Behind-the-scenes Battle!

Feb 04, 2019

Manikarnika and Behind-the-scenes Battle!
Manikarnika and Behind-the-scenes Battle! | Credit: NDTV

Manikarnika is a film that has been widely expected since it got announced. The film about the queen of Jhansi brings to life episodes from Rani Laxmi Bai’s life. The legend is someone we have only read about briefly in history books and hence people were excited to see that a film is being made about her. As the film released on January 25th, 2019 after a slew of issues including delays, budget problems and replacement of actors, the response it got at the box-office is great.

However, the release has also brought with it a number of controversies with the primary problem being who gets first credits for directing the film. Let us look at what’s happening on that front and what both sides of the issue are.

Bollywood and problems with credits for direction - 

Bollywood is not new to fights over who gets credited for working on a film. Notably, Amole Gupte and Amir Khan were involved in a tussle over who was the director of the super hit movie Taare Zameen Par. This time, it is a very similar fight for Manikarnika. 

Although Krish conceptualised the movie and started the project, there were reports that he had gone on to direct the NTR biopic without completing the shooting of Manikarnika fully due to date issues. After that, Kangana Ranaut, who plays the lead in the movie, had taken up the responsibility to finish the project.

However, after the release of the film, director Krish released a statement saying that he was not given the credit that was due to him and was disrespected. He said that he was not even welcome at the promotional events of the film.

I am sick of her, says Krish -

Krish has said that even though he is a senior director who has directed many successful period films before this, he has been subject to rudeness from Kangana’s side. He said that she had told him that his film was not liked by the producers and that it looked like a “Bhojpuri film”. He says that once her portions of the film were shot, Kangana had left to London to shoot for another film. Meanwhile, Krish had completed the editing and dubbing for the movie expect for Kangana’s dubbing.

"She returned (from London), saw the film and said that she liked it. She however added that she had few small concerns. After few days, she said that iska jyaada hai, uska jyaada hai, this girl is overpowering, that girl is overpowering. Then she came up with yeh change karna hai, woh change karna hai. She also said that Kamal Jain (producer) hadn't liked the film," Krish revealed.

Krish says that his name was first credited rightly in the poster but was credited as “Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi” in the teaser without his consent. He said that he never uses this name. He has also expressed his disappointment over being credited second to Kangana as he says that he was the one who did all the research for the movie and brought it to shape while Kangana had only done some patch-work in the end.

It is to be noted that soon after Kangana took up the project as a director, Sonu Sood, who was playing the role of the antagonist in the film, was replaced on account of differences with Kangana.

Rangloli says she can burst the bubble for Krish any time-

While Kangana has chosen to maintain silence throughout this, her sister Rangoli has tweeted a series of tweets targeted at director Krish. She has said that Kangana has told her that she was the one who had directed 70% of the film. Rangoli also went on to say that she has proofs for her claims and can burst the bubble that Krish is in.

The producer of the film, Kamal Jain, has stood by Kangana and has said that she is in the right as far as this issue is concerned. He has also said that Krish is trying to take credit for what he doesn’t deserve. The supporting actors who have featured in the movie are divided as well.

Each side seems to have justified points and it remains to be seem as to how this issue will get sorted.