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9 Bollywood movies that will inspire Youngsters to become true Leaders!

Jun 06, 2019

9 Bollywood movies that will inspire Youngsters to become true Leaders!
9 Bollywood movies that will inspire Youngsters to become true Leaders!

Looking for some inspiration in good old Bollywood to fire you up? Here are some movies that will power up the minds of youngsters and give them the motivation to go after their dreams.

Chak De!

This film starring Shah Rukh Khan is all about the spirit of sportsmanship and enduring challenges to emerge as a winner. Revolving around Hockey, the film instills a go-getter spirit and will definitely inspire youngsters to never give up on their dreams no matter what they encounter in life.


This period drama starring Amir Khan is a very interesting tale on how a group of Indians defeat the Britishers at a game of cricket during the Colonial era. There are many layers to the story.

However, the sheer grit andresilience that makes the local team win is sure to set fire to a lot of people’s dreams.


Neerja is based on a true story of how an air-hostess makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of the passengers in a hijacked aeroplane. The fact that it is based on a true story lends more intensity to this already amazing story. It is sure to inspire youngters to always take a stand and do the right things no matter what the consequences may be.


Iqbal is a heart-warming story about the deaf and dumb son of a farmer who is extremely passionate about cricket. The young kid is shown to be determined to chase his dreams of becoming a cricketer and he does achieve his dreams through hard work and focus.


Queen is a film that became one of the favourites of a lot of people in India. Starring Kangana Ranaut, this film shows us the journey of a naive village girl who goes on to discover herself after she is abandoned by her fiance. The film is a great way to remind ourselves that we have the power to make the most of our lives and have the choice to be happy.

Rock On!

This film is also a very powerful film that will make an impact long after its actual running time. The film is all about how one’s passion should be given utmost importance and how that is what gives meaning to life.

The plot is centered around a musical band and its ups and downs. This movie will definitely get youngters thinking about their real passion in lives and will inspire them to embrace it completely.

English Vinglish

This movie is all about letting go of your fears and insecurities and embracing life with excitement. The film starring Sridevi shows us the journey of a woman who leaves her comfort zone and goes in search of an identity that she is denied in her family. She takes on challenges head on and establishes her self-worth with utmost grace. Although the film is about a middle-aged woman, the film is an inspiration to youngsters to always be bold enough to claim the respect that they deserve and to not let anyone belittle them.

3 Idiots

This film mixes humour and life lessons like a boss and teaches us the real meaning of success. It shows what is wrong with the conventional approach to educationa and how it is excellence that we should chase rather than just hazily defined success. The entire message of the film is packaged amazingly well and it is one hell of an entertainer as well!


Swades is the storyof an Indian scientist and how his life changes when he comes back to his village in India. It shows how the protagonist takes it upon himself to resolve basic issues of the villagers such as food, electricity and water. Youngsters are sure to get inspired by this story of absolute resilience and passion towards social good.