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Social media mayhem: Review in 30 minutes, flop talk by FDFS.

Oct 29, 2018

Social media mayhem: Review in 30 minutes, flop talk by FDFS.
Social media mayhem: Review in 30 minutes, flop talk by FDFS. | Credit: Will Francis

Every couple of decades, some major technology or tools come into our lives and changes our lifestyle to a major extent. There was electricity, computers and the Internet. One of the additions to that list is Social Media. Social Media has changed the way we live our lives and the way we interact with people.

Social Media has allowed us to create a virtual life for ourselves where we exist parallel to reality. We go to places that will look good on our pages, we click pictures of our food before eating it, and we keep in touch with friends from all corners of the world and even befriend strangers. Today, anyone who is not onboard the Social Media lifestyle is considered a misfit.

So, with Social Media dominating our lives to this extent, it is important for us to stop and analyse how it is affecting the various areas of our lives. Right from our opinions about politics to religious sentiments, Social Media plays a role in shaping our thoughts. And, by affecting our thoughts, it eventually affects the society at large. Now, let us discuss its effect on one part of the society – the film industry. While it brings our favourite stars closer to us, is it all good? Let us see.

Celebrities can crop up from anywhere

The film industry used to be a dream world for people a decade back. Common people could not even think of being a part of it and even if they did, they knew that they would have to face a long-drawn struggle. Cut to the present – literally, anyone can post videos that display their talents and people from the film industry are picking up such talents to work in movies.

Success in the film industry has always been about being in the right place at the right time. But, with Social Media becoming the ‘right place’, the window of ‘right time’ has increased exponentially. Even if people don’t end up becoming a part of the film industry, they earn their own set of ‘followers’ if they are good and become Social Media celebrities. This has opened up avenues for so many people to do what they love and make a living out of it. 

The menace of trolls

The ugly side of Social Media includes trolls, cyberbullying and cyberstalking. When a person posts about something, there are people in his/her Social Media cycle who react in all kinds of ways. People with opposing views tend to get extremely rude and irreverent on Social Media. If the same argument was happening in real-life, the two opposing people would probably be more sensitive towards each other's feelings as they can directly see the effect that their words on having on each other. However, that is not the case on Social Media.

Especially when it comes to people from the film industry, every move that these celebrities make is judged by people. Once there is a show of hate on Social Media, people gang up and continuously troll the celebrities. 

Armchair criticism

When people go to places like movies, restaurants, parks, etc, most of them have the habit of checking-into these places on Social Media as well. And, they often post their opinions about the places once they get back. In case of movies, people start posting about it even before it is over. 

Many people post one review during the interval and another after the movie gets over. While posting what they want to say is their personal choice, the problem is that these posts influence a whole bunch of people. Writing unforgiving comments and trashing a movie will certainly have an impact of clouding another person’s judgement even before they watch it. 

While there are experts who review movies for a living, ‘armchair reviewers’ on Social Media do so without any idea about the technical aspects of film-making. In the name of voicing their opinions, people on Social Media are writing unqualified reviews that wreck a film’s chances at the box-office. 

Giving people the mask

It is said that when you give people a mask, their worst side comes out. The statement is very true in case of Social Media. Every person has a mask on Social Media and hence they have the freedom to talk about anything that they want to. While this is good in some ways, it does bring out negative aspects of human beings in an uncontrolled way. For the film industry that thrives on ‘make-believe', Social Media brings out the reality in many cases and when people comment mercilessly about these things, the magic of films comes down a little bit each time.

So, to answer the question of whether the film industry and Social Media are friends or enemies, it is best to turn to a term that was invented on Social Media itself – ‘Frenemies’!