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The left, right and center of Kabir Singh and the Opinions around It!

Jul 09, 2019

The left, right and center of Kabir Singh and the Opinions around It!
The left, right and center of Kabir Singh and the Opinions around It! | Photography: Expresstribune

Kabir Singh is a Hindi film that came out recently. Starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani, the film which is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga is in the eye of a storm with various sections of the audiences and the critics coming up with various opinions. Some people are bashing it, some people love it and some are caught right at the middle. We have seen controversies in case of period films and films that talk about issues like religion and caste but then in this case, the issue is around toxic masculinity. 

The story of the film is about how an ultra-aggressive guy falls in love, loses his lover for a while and his way of dealing with all his emotions in the interim. The controversies notwithstanding, the film has been scoring at the box-office and is being termed as the biggest solo grosser of Shahid’s career. 

Here a broad overview of all the talk that is going around about this film.

The left

Many people have taken to social media to criticise the way the protagonist of the film, Kabir Singh, is shown to be violent towards his girlfriend and how he is shown indulging in abusive, regressive, self-destructive and misogynistic behaviour. Certain scenes, such as the scene where he slaps the heroine, the one where he asks her to wear her dupatta properly (seriously!)or the one where he threatens a woman at knife-point when she says she doesn’t want to have sex, have triggered a lot of outrage from critics and audience alike.

And, there is definitely a point in these opinions. Of course, fictional characters can be portrayed as anything and they do not have to be ‘good’ all the time but what is disturbing is that there are people in the audience who are enjoying and cheering the misogynistic and dominating behaviour of Kabir Singh. It is the whistles and the hooting that are extremely disturbing. It shows how certain people are getting influenced by these scenes and are probably embracing their own misogynistic attitude through what they watch on-screen.

The problem with the film is not that Kabir Singh behaves in a certain way but the problem is that all these traits and actions are glorified throughout the film.

The right

There have also been incessant supporters for the film who call it an intense love story and love the movie. Shahid’s performance has been lauded by many and the fact that the film is a very unusual, shocking and different story has come as a refreshing break for many people who are bored with monotonous story lines.

As a movie, the film gets a lot of technicalities right and does make for a gripping tale of intense emotions, although these emotions are limited to mainly Kabir Singh and not a lot of importance is given to the heroine’s role or any other role for that matter.

Also, many have been applauding the makers of the movie for coming out with such a bold movie.

This is true; the movie has made good business and is good as a movie. But again, when it starts influencing people and when toxic behaviour is shown as heroism then it is not ok. However, people are arguing that the movie has to be watched as a movie and should not be taken as a guide on how to live life. Well, if people do have that discretion to know what to take home and what not to take home from a movie then the whole problem is solved.

The center

The important thing is to remember that movies will and have to be diverse. There is no point in trying to tell the same story of ‘good’ people over and over again. But, when a movie defines ‘love’ as being abusive or toxic and when people actually cheer for it, it is a red flag. Watch it as a movie and get some entertainment if it suits your tastes. But, be aware of what kind of impact it is making on your friends and your family. After all, if seen in the right sense, the movie can be a great way to remind us how not to be as well!