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An Interesting way to Cope up with Summer- Sabja Lemonade

May 08, 2018

An Interesting way to Cope up with Summer- Sabja Lemonade
An Interesting way to Cope up with Summer- Sabja Lemonade | Credit: Shutterstock

Beating summers in tropical regions can be quite challenging. The hot weather can leave you dehydrated, fatigued and sweaty. Make the best out of this summer by helping yourself with refreshing summer drinks when you are back from work or after a power packed workout or simply while having fun time with your besties. Hitting on the store-bought packed juices with added preservatives can sometimes let your health down. Drinking gallons of regular water is absolutely beneficial but is damn boring. Go back to your Indian roots and discover the myriad varieties of drinks to satiate your thirst during this hot season.

All you have to do is to grab a pitcher full of cold water and add your own twists to it by mixing right ingredients in apt proportions. A glass of flavorful Sabja lemonade can help you put up with the scorching summer heat. This chilled and energizing drink is a perfect blend of sourness, a generous amount of sweetness and mild saltiness interrupted by the crunchy texture of Sabja seeds (basil seeds).

The reasons why the drink can be the best for you in summer


Loaded with lots of Vitamin C, lemons can lift your spirits during an exhausting day. Squeezing a juicy lemon to your glass of water and topping it with ice cubes can do wonders to your health and skin.

Sabja seeds

Scientifically called as Ocimum basilicum, they are widely available in India as Sabja seeds or falooda seeds. These healthy seeds are obtained from Maruwa or Rudra jada plant of the tulsi family and are not same as holy basil or tulsi. Apart from imparting taste and crunchiness to the drink, these seeds offer tremendous health benefits.

It is rich in antioxidants and are natural compounds that cool the body, favor digestion, release constipation and treat many respiratory disorders. Ayurvedic texts claim that Sabja seeds can balance pitta dosha and maintain balance in human body. Once soaked in water, the seeds expand and appear like tapioca seeds. It is drizzled on ice creams, fruit salads and a variety of Indian desserts. It is one of the tastemakers in famous Indian dessert Falooda.

Sugar and mint

Dissolving a lavish amount of sugar or a spoonful of honey instantly releases energy. It can also make you crave for more.

Credit: Fashion Lady
Credit: Fashion Lady

You don’t need to make a shopping list for preparing Sabja lemonade. You’ll find these simple ingredients in the kitchen. It will hardly take 10 minutes to make this if you have chilled water or ice cubes. There is no heating or fire involved that you can even let the teens do this for you. With these ingredients, you can make lemonade enough for two people. But you can increase the proportions as per your requirements. Let us get started.


Lemon- 1 large

Sugar- 2tbsp dissolved in water or honey as per taste

Black salt- 1/2tsp (optional)

Salt- 1pinch

Sabja seeds(sweet basil seeds)- 1 tbsp

Refrigerated water- as required

Ice cubes

Mint leaves- few strings


Rinse the sabja seeds thoroughly with clean water and make sure that the seeds are free of dirt, small stones etc. In a bowl filled with 1/3 of clean luke warm water add the washed seeds. Within 15-20 minutes of soaking, the seeds bloom into transparent, jelly like substance covering the black seed. Once the seeds bloom, it is ready to use.

In a pitcher of water, squeeze in the lemon juice. Include the sugar syrup (or honey) and salt. Give a thorough mix and garnish it with fresh mint leaves.

Pour into large serving glasses and top it off with ice cubes. Enjoy your drink with your near and dear ones. Put down the effect of the sharp sun rays with this glass of Sabja Lemonade.