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Pizza and Compliments can Improve your Mood and Increase Production at Work!

Jun 16, 2018

Pizza and Compliments can Improve your Mood and Increase Production at Work!
Pizza and Compliments can Improve your Mood and Increase Production at Work! | Credit: Dynamite News

One scientific study claims that there’s something that can improve your mood and increase production at work: Giving pizza to employees and complimenting them!

You may be wondering: Why would pizza and compliments enhance the mood and increase productivity of workers?

Why pizza is believed to increase production

According to one study, giving pizza to a group of workers did increase production by 6.7 percent on the first day! Why?

Let’s just be honest with ourselves about the way we view pizza. It’s loved by many people around the world. I love pizza myself! Perhaps you love it too! Pizza is highly treasured by most people. Pizza is viewed by millions as a special food.

Pizza is even associated with love and prestige by some. If you buy somebody pizza as a meal, gift or reward, it means that you love or value them. And is it any wonder that the mood of the workers was lifted and the production increased? They felt appreciated and valued. Hence, they worked harder.

Credit: Nit
Credit: Nit

That tells us that when we want to give somebody a gift or reward, we need to think of what’ll really make them feel appreciated and valued. Maybe buy them pizza! Of course, a gift or reward doesn’t need to be too expensive, but it can be anything nice to make workers feel special, motivated or inspired.

When a person is rewarded for his hard work, he tends to work harder. He looks for ways try to do better. He wants to improve even in other areas.

When a worker does something worthy of being rewarded, he feels awesome when rewarded. When he’s not rewarded for his hard work, he feels discouraged. A good employer or boss looks for opportunities to reward employees. Simply scolding them or shouting at them won’t increase production.

We all want to be well thought of. And a gift or reward sends a positive message to the recipient that you do think nice of him, that you care about him, that he’s special.

And when people sense this, they tend to have a positive attitude toward employers and work itself. In turn they’re motivated to increase their productivity.

In today’s world, people face different negative factors. When workers are experiencing such negative factors, production is affected negatively. A reward might uplift a person. It can lessen his frustration, stress, angry and bitter feelings.

Credit: Engin_Akyurt
Credit: Engin_Akyurt

Why compliments make us feel great and work hard

In the same study, compliments increased production by 6.6 percent on first day. But at the end of the week, compliments did win! Why?

Complements and praise can build us and lift our mood. Just as warm sunshine helps a flower to grow into a beautiful and healthy flower, warm compliments can give a person emotional energy to enjoy life and work harder.

Compliments make one’s self-esteem to rise. Commendation boosts a person’s confidence. Praise makes a person to feel good about himself. Compliments make someone to feel special and important. Praise motivates and inspires. Yes, compliments make employees to work harder. But criticism and ingratitude tear down workers.

Every human feels good when praised and commended. When we’re denied commendation and praise, we feel unloved and unappreciated.

We don’t want others to feel like Evelyn who complained, saying, “My husband never tells me words of love and praise. He doesn’t appreciate me for who I am. And he doesn’t commend me for the good that I do. I feel trapped in a loveless relationship and I don’t even know what to do.” Have you noticed one reason why it’s very important to always commend and praise others?

Nice compliments are so sweet and refreshing that we just want to hear them more and more. That’s just the way we are made as humans. We have such a great and insatiable appetite for commendation that we don’t seem to get enough!

Yes, giving a gift to others, rewarding our fellow humans either with pizza or something precious and complimenting them can make them happy, do better and increase productivity!