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Taste the amazing flavours of Boti Kebabs: From the authentic Awadhi kitchen

Feb 15, 2018

Taste the amazing flavours of Boti Kebabs: From the authentic Awadhi kitchen
Taste the amazing flavours of Boti Kebabs: From the authentic Awadhi kitchen | Credit: Francesco Pag

If you are from Lucknow, Boti Kebab is something that you possibly fancy! For all those people who are not in Lucknow, we guess it is something that YOU WANT TO FANCY! Boti Kebabs are a part of authentic Lucknowi or Awadhi cuisine.

Awadhi cuisine hosts numerous delicious kebabs like boti kebabs, galouti kebabs, vegetarian kebabs, hara bhara kebabs and more. Trust me, you MUST try these out to get a real flavour of the taste and spices of India! In this post, let us find out more about Boti Kebabs.

What are boti kebabs?

Boti Kebabs are famous in Lucknow and people love to get a taste of them! They are available in every lane and chowk. While some places offer normal kebabs, some other places may make you go crazy in love with the chunks of special kebabs! The primary ingredient in Boti Kebab is mutton or chunks of lamb, though chicken boti kebabs are also available!

These amazing kebabs are usually cooked with spiced yoghurt and other tasty spices and then baked in the oven. This yoghurt, filled with various Awadhi spices, adds a lovely taste and depth to the mutton or chicken meat. You can cook them on barbecues, though they also taste lovely when cooked in the oven.

Best places to enjoy the taste of boti kebabs in India

You are wrong if you think that Lucknow is the only place you can enjoy Boti Kebabs at! India is a great country with great food! I hope you all agree! So, the food also travels all throughout the various states so that no one is deprived of the amazing taste. Same is the case with Boti Kebabs! Let us look at some of the best places in India where you can have a taste of these kebabs.

1. Peter Cat, Kolkata

If you are from Kolkata or are going to visit soon, then your trip would be incomplete without visiting Peter Cat! Their boti kebabs are juicy and delicious and give tough competition to the Lucknowi Boti Kebabs.

2. Karim’s, Old Delhi

I guess you already know about this place! It is superbly famous as a kebab joint. You are surely going to enjoy the boti kebabs that they serve. The place has a lot of fan following, with many people flocking from all over Delhi to savour these tasty kebabs.

3. Siddique Kebab Centre, Hyderabad

Hyderabad has never disappointed the foodies in the country! Be it the classy Biriyanis or the tasty kebabs, you can find it all here! Siddique kebab centre is famous in Hyderabad for their amazing and delectable Boti Kebabs. I suggest you to definitely have a taste of these kebabs, the next time you are in Hyderabad.

4. Tunday Kababi, Lucknow

This is it! This is the most famous kebab centre in the city of Lucknow and it is likely that everyone has heard of it! Daily they serve hundreds of customers and the taste of their kebabs reflect the true taste of Awadhi cuisine! It is worth your time, money and trial!

So, which ones are you going to try soon? I suggest you to go for the best kebab centres and have a taste of the amazing Boti Kebabs. If you are not a fan of mutton or lamb, you can go for the chicken boti kebabs as well! Good luck!