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The Food Service Industry has gone the Digital Way!

May 14, 2018

The Food Service Industry has gone the Digital Way!
The Food Service Industry has gone the Digital Way..! | Credit: AppsChopper

Increase your restaurant’s business through digitization

The digitization of the food service industry took place some years ago. Being the largest, the industry was under-prepared when it came to technology. However, during the recent years, food businesses have taken to the digital world and are reaping the benefits.

Through digitization, the restaurants can give convenience benefits – in terms of choice and speed – to the patrons. Ten years ago, the food service industry became digitized; and people were offered the option of ordering online. But today, it has gone mainstream and a large percentage of consumers are availing the convenience benefits of these services. In the subsequent years, the numbers are only going to increase – according to the experts.

Food delivery has been increasing in popularity over the years. Earlier, only pizza would be delivered at home. But, people want other foods to be home-delivered as well. Keeping with the trends, several third-party delivery companies have emerged for arranging the logistics behind food deliveries. In the US, companies such as Amazon Prime, Deliveroo, Postmates and Uber Eats have started operations and India is following suit too. 

Nonetheless, if you are a customer and ordering through third parties, then delivery charges are applicable. Additionally, businesses have to shell out 20-30% commission to third parties for delivery. Thus, the third parties make their profits. 

Ways of Increasing Business Through Digitization

If you are a restaurant owner and are looking to digitize your business, there are several aspects to be considered. Also, keep in mind that there are many competitors and you have to position yourself distinctively to grab a higher percentage of the market share. For competing in the restaurant industry, some aspects that should be given importance are quality customer service, value for money and choice in varied cuisines. As an owner, your restaurant business can be expanded in many ways through digital means as seen in the following details. 

  • Stay updated on the latest trends, statistics; and analyze your restaurant marketing plan accordingly.
  • Create and optimize your website to attract more customers. Start a food blog and post the daily specials. Also, you can direct the browsers to your social media and online review pages.
  • Be sure to avail the local SEO services. Remember that around 70% of the searches are for local vendors. Optimize your site such that it comes up during the relevant searches.
  • Invite food bloggers for a free meal to your restaurant. The positive review can enhance your business’s reputation.
  • Pay attention to online reputation management. Update yourself on what people are saying about your restaurant. Where the positive reviews are concerned, you can reply with a ‘Thank You’ message. The negative reviews should be resolved suitably.
  • Give a fresh look to your online menu for enticing the browsers.
  • Increase your online visibility on social media platforms. Also, keep the users engaged and encourage them to share their stories.
  • Post pictures of your staff with smiles on their faces.
  • Arrange contests for bringing in more customers. Give an opportunity to win a grand prize for inducing customers to revisit your restaurant.
  • Offer incentives to follow your restaurant on social media sites.
  • List your restaurants on food directories such as Zomato and Burrp.
  • Tie-up with food aggregators such as Swiggy and Food Panda.
  • Spend on mobile ads as users search for dining options when they are traveling.
  • Partner with online food apps.
  • Give discounted prices for online orders.