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The Unique Flavoured and Healthy Banana Shake: Sharjah Shake

Apr 09, 2018

The Unique Flavoured and Healthy Banana Shake: Sharjah Shake
The Unique Flavoured and Healthy Banana Shake: Sharjah Shake | Credit: Ngrinko Website

Summers are usually the season of juices, smoothies, health drinks and milkshakes. No one can deny the fact that these liquid drinks are far more nourishing and refreshing than solid chunks of delicious food. Nutritionists and doctors from various medical fields have confirmed the fact that these drinks made from fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy nutrients are best for keeping the body hydrated and charged up during the summer seasons.

The scorching heat of the sun does not show mercy to anyone, be it someone travelling in air-conditioned cars or someone who works opens on the field. The water that leaves our body is much more in an amount that even regular water intake gives us. This finally results in dehydration, sometimes leading to conditions where a person suffers from heat stroke.

This is the reason why the Indian states are popular for their native fruit drinks, which are not confined only to the states itself. Rather, people from all over the country prepare these drinks and include them in their daily diets.

Sharjah Shake comes from the beautiful kingdom of lagoons, Kerala. The native people of the state used banana and milk cubes to prepare this delicious milkshake. Though the ingredients are simple, yet the taste of the drink is exotic and melts the taste buds as soon as you take the first sip. Extremely nutritious and with high calorific drink, Sharjah Shake is now prepared in many parts of the country with different names. Nevertheless, the native taste of this milkshake can only be found in Kerala.

Taking no more than ten to fifteen minutes of preparation, you can easily keep this delicious milkshake on your dessert menu. Your guests will not be disappointed at all, after all, they will taste the delicacy of fresh fruits along with the sweetness of the beverage.

Ingredients required for Sharjah Shake

All the ingredients that you will need for preparing this milkshake are:

  • You will need two cups of fresh milk. You can choose both single-toned or double toned milk, but as the drink is for keeping a good health, double toned milk is preferred.
  • Preferably, two bananas will add enough taste to the milkshake but you can add more if you want thickness or if you are serving for more than two.
  • Two tablespoons of melted chocolate milk powder will add to the exquisiteness of the taste. You can choose buttermilk powder or vanilla powder, depending upon your taste buds.
  • Soaked cashew nuts ground and powdered are required, two tablespoons of the nut powder is fine.
  • Half cup water
  • 4-6 tablespoon of sugar for increasing the sweet taste

The things that you will need for garnishing the drink are:

  1. A slice of banana, preferably frozen
  2. Whipped cream
  3. You can use chopped fruits of single type or you can also go for mixed fruits

Method of preparing the Sharjah Shake

  • Pour the milk into the ice tray and freeze it overnight.
  • The next day, take out the tray and keep it aside. Take a blender machine and pour the bananas, milk ice cubes, cashew nuts powder, sugar, water and the chocolate milk cream.
  • Blend it until the mixture is smooth and no granules are present in the mixture. However, if you want that crunchy feeling of grinding the ice cubes with your teeth, then blend the mixture for two to three minutes.
  • After blending the contents, pour the shake into the serving glasses and garnish the drink with sprinkles of sugar, chopped fruits, whipped cream, and chocolate milk powder.
  • Add a slice of banana as the final touch to the drink and serve it.

Sharjah Shake is unique in taste and color and that is why it is the favorite drink of many.