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The art of eating out and staying healthy

Jan 12, 2018

The art of eating out and staying healthy
The art of eating out and staying healthy | Credit: Rawpixel.com

Eating out, staying healthy!

With growing urbanization, more and more people are migrating to developing cities for employment and to earn livelihood. Away from the comforts of home, these people depend on street vendors for three major meals of their day. So, are they not aware about the risk factors? of course they are but they prefer these eateries because they are pocket friendly and conveniently located. Talking about the risk factors we know that exposure to dust, pollution, unhygienic way of cooking and use of unsafe water can increase bacterial count in the platter.

"While eating street food one should always make sure that the surroundings are hygienic, there is no stagnant water nearby, the food is warm and the cutleries provided to customers are clean", say experts.

Indulging in fried food items like chats, samosas and pakoras once in a while would seem okay but little do we know that repeated use of oil for deep frying produce free radicals leading to cancer. So, with a lot of health hazards involved how do we eat out sensibly.

Nutritionists say the trick is very simple. Adhering to some basic rules that we set for ourselves, considering our nutritional needs, we can plan a healthy and hearty meal. Steamed idlis, dosas without oil or ghee along with sambar or poha upma can be a healthy breakfast choice but one has to make sure that whatever meal one orders, it must be warm.

Those who prefer non-vegetarian dishes can go for a tandoori chicken and roti along with dry sabzi and raita. Yet another option would be replace roti with brown rice and chicken with fish cooked in the traditional Indian clay oven known as tandoor. One could also go for soup, whole wheat bread and fruits. And for vegetarians the Indian menu offers a variety of healthy dishes to choose from. There are lentil based curries low in oil and dishes made with chikpeas, soya-bean ensure that your meal is protein-packed.

Also after a heavy meal one is tempted to cool down with a high calories beverages. Remember that fancy drinks available in restaurants have zero nutrients and include sugary additions that only help to increase calories. Here also, there are plenty of options to pick from one can either go for plain low-fat yogurt or a bowl of fruits.

Finally, nowadays a lot of eateries are devoted to organic food and go considerate about the amount of oil they use. Restaurants are willing to explain their customers about a certain cuisine or an exotic ingredient they find in the menu.

So the next time you go out with friends for brunch, lunch or dinner keep these golden rules in mind to stay healthy.