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Why people like Kutchi Dabeli? Read, Eat and Experience Yourself.

Feb 17, 2018

Why people like Kutchi Dabeli? Read, Eat and Experience Yourself.
Why people like Kutchi Dabeli? Read, Eat and Experience Yourself. | Credit: CityShor

The uniqueness about India is that it is connected by different food flavours. For food enthusiasts there is never a dearth of anything, especially snacks, may it be street food, healthy traditional dishes, spicy varieties and so on. One such popular flavoured trademark authentic snack of Western India is 'dabeli' well-liked in both street version and made at home especially in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The snack did get popularised on the roads of Mumbai. Word of caution – it's addictive!

For those who haven't heard about it or have heard about it but don't know what it is?

Mostly we are not bothered about finding facts about food but you can't deny the fact that it makes for an interesting know how.

Dabeli originates from Kutch or Kachchh from Gujarat and hence the name which means 'pressed' in Gujarati. It was invented in the 1960s by Keshavji Gabha Chudasama from Mandvi in Kutch who started the business of making and selling it.

You can say it’s a flavour bomb, takes minimal effort to make and is very affordable. The soft and fluffy buttered buns are smeared with chutneys that lend it sweet, sour and spicy deliciousness topped with the filling of spicy boiled potatoes, sev and pomegranate seeds. Parts of the dish can be made in advance to help us to assemble quick and easy. It can be a treat for small get together to big events.

TRIVIA: 20 lakh dabelis are consumed every day in the Kutch region. OMG!

What makes it so popular?

Its love at first bite with the concurrence of sweet and spicy flavoured potato combined with dabeli masala stuffed into ladi bun or what we call a burger bun. Enhancers like tamarind, dates, and chilly chutney smeared on the bun garnished with pomegranate and peanut, makes it a preferred munch for any time of the day to satiate your hunger on any occasion. This delectable dish would blend well with the taste buds of both young and old. 

What is a dabeli masala?

It’s a blended flavour powder, a must have in dabeli when you are preparing it at home. To prepare it you need cloves, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, bay leaves, cardamom, peppercorn, turmeric powder, coriander seeds, chillis, mace and dry ginger – all churned together in the grinder. Now you know it's not rocket science to prepare this spicy blend. As per your liking for the taste and flavour, you can create your own version as well.

How many calories are in one Dabeli?

For weight watchers, here are some facts.

Fat – 9.4 gm

Protein – 7.23 gm

Fiber – 3.3gm

Carbs – 42.35 gm

Today Dabeli has evolved from its original form and is available across the country. Cheesy Kucchi Dabeli at Manisha Bhel Pani Puri Snacks Centre at Pune, WatsApp Dabeli Centre in Pimpri offers mayonnaise, schezwan and cheese options. In Bangalore, there is Eat Eroo and Delite Chaat House offering regular, butter, cheese, and dry fruit one.