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Decoding the extravagant Rajdhani thali experience!

Oct 12, 2018

Decoding the extravagant Rajdhani thali experience!
Decoding the extravagant Rajdhani thali experience | Credit: Zmtcdn

Rajasthan, the very name takes us back to the medieval historic region of Rajputana, adorned with magnificent palaces, lakes and a huge desert. The state is a true kaleidoscope of colours reflecting rich culture and heritage. The opulent history of the Land of kings has left behind myriads of delicious food ranging from meticulously cooked vegetables drenched in spiced curries, roasted meat dishes and desserts filled with heavy cream and nuts. 

Rangilo rajasthan is a festival conducted to celebrate the culinary richness of the state. The word rangilo, meaning colourful is enough to bring out the variety and shades in a typical Rajasthani menu.

Rajdhani, a popular chain of restaurants, serving traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati food has always been the one of the favourites of vegetarian food lovers. The restaurant, serving pure vegetarian food has conducted meals featuring typical Rajasthani delicacies which are not commonly eaten outside the state. 

Unlike the other places, you need not look into the menu and wonder what to order. There is a king-sized plate with a number of small bowls placed in front of you and you’ll receive the royal hospitality. The service is very efficient and you will find the waiters running around to refill your bowls with vegetables, sweets and dhal. Here are some of the highlights of the tongue-tickling food served by Rajdhani.

Rajasthani food is mostly cooked using milk, butter milk or pure ghee. Rajasthan’s tastiest curries make use of pulses and gram flour. You will feel a lavish occurrence of dry fruits and ghee in almost all the delicacies. Let’s get to know in detail about the extravagant Rajasthani thali. 


Once you step into the restaurant, you’ll be welcomed with a polite Namaste and a tilak made out of pure chandan (sandal wood paste). Refreshing drinks like Aam panna or Lassi will help you relax and prepare yourself to receive the royal treat.

A number of starters would be piled up on your table, leaving you confused about choosing the first dish to start with. 

Dhal bhati, Churma

The most prominent dish of Rajasthani cuisine is Dhal bhati. The wheat balls cooked in ghee are crushed and served with steaming hot lentil curry (dhal). Churma, is a semi-sweet version of bhaati. Coarsely ground wheat is sweetened with sugar and flavoured with a sprinkle of cardamom powder.

Dhahi vada

Deep-fried dumplings are soaked in seasoned curd. The dish is topped with sev and coriander leaves for crunchy effect. A perfect delicacy on a hot summer day!

Make sure to eat less of panner tikka and samosa chat, else you’ll be full before you get into the wide variety of main dishes. 

Main course

The moment you’re done with your starters, the small bowls on the plate will be filled with an assortment of Indian dishes like paneer curry, aloo gobi sabzi, palak masala and tempered Gujarati kadi. Moong dhal curry was one dish that made me go for more-and-more servings. It is a perfect choice to have with hot breads. The cooked moong beans are given a spicy tingling taste using the flavoursome Garam Masala. 

Selection of Breads and Rice

Rotis and phulkas made out of jowar, bajra and wheat drenched in dollops of pure ghee are served. Of course, with a lot of spicy and flavourful chutneys

Setting your hands on a serving of comforting rice or khichdi with khadi would be the best way to sooth your stomach after a heavy, spice filled meal.


Though the starters, curries and breads are enough to win the heart of any food lover, it is the dessert which stands out of all the dishes. Even if your to the point of bursting, you cannot resist the hot sugar-coated Malpua topped with creamy rabri. A spoonful of moong dhal sheera would melt in your mouth and fill your bowels with a lot of happiness. 

Finally! The Rajasthani–Gujrati extravaganza, though a little expensive, the rich variety of foods and the hospitality will definitely leave you happy.