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Don't skip this Message: Implications of Missing the Breakfast.

Jan 30, 2019

Don't skip this Message: Implications of Missing the Breakfast.
Don't skip this Message: Implications of Missing the Breakfast. | Credit: Vox

Are you in the habit of missing your breakfast? What are some terrible effects of skipping breakfast? You’ll be surprised to learn what happens when you miss breakfast regularly.

Since we all eat food as humans, we’re going to talk about this topic in a simplified way so that every person - man or woman, girl or boy, young or old will understand.

Let us start by looking at why millions of people don’t eat breakfast regularly.

Why Many People Regularly Miss Breakfast

  • They are trying to reduce eating calories
  • They are too busy to eat breakfast when leaving home in a hurry
  • ‘I don’t like eating in the morning cause I am not hungry,’ some say

What Happens When You Don’t Eat Breakfast Regularly

A higher risk of having a heart attack

People who are in the habit of not eating breakfast have a higher risk of having a heart attack in comparison with those who regularly eat breakfast.

The more you stay hungry, the more you punish your body and it starts working harder. This can cause problems in the way your body breaks down the food. This in turn may make a person to gain more weight. It’s been found that this may lead to heart disease. Why? This is because the blood vessels (arteries) where blood passes may get blocked and the chances of having heart problems are quite high.

You may suffer from sugar disease

When you regularly miss your breakfast, you are more likely to have problems with the amount of sugar in your body. You may suffer from one kind of sugar disease that is called type 2 diabetes. Why?

This is because a substance responsible for controlling the amount of sugar in your body will fail to perform its job. This substance is called insulin.

You may gain more body weight

If you like staying without eating breakfast, you may become fat. It’s not true that when you stop eating breakfast, then you’re going to lose weight or become slim.

People who don’t eat breakfast regularly, end up eating too much food at lunch, more than they should, because they have been very hungry for many hours. This is what makes them fat. The message is clear: Not eating breakfast regularly could make one to gain weight. It also contributes to obesity or being overweight.

On the other hand, people who regularly eat breakfast do enjoy good health and a good life since they eat the right amount of food for their breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. And they eat at the right time of the day! This in turn helps them not get fat. So do not miss your breakfast!

Your mind and memory become very slow

The brain is one part of the body that uses a lot of energy or food. Yes, the brain works better when you have eaten food. The brain is the engine of our body that needs enough energy to perform well. Therefore, if you miss breakfast, the brain will be slow.

Food makes your brain to perform properly. If your brain has no food, you may not remember things quickly. Yes, your memory will be slow. So make it a practice to eat breakfast in the morning!

No wonder it has been found that workers or students who regularly eat their breakfast, perform well at work or at school. They are also very calm and in control at work or school. And, this makes students concentrate more at school and do well in their tests or exams.

A hungry person is an angry person

Have you observed that the temper or mood of a person tends to be bad if he’s hungry? Even a simple question can make him upset.

Remember, you were asleep for many hours without eating food. Then, in the morning, till lunch time you’ve been hungry because you haven’t eaten anything. So any slight irritable thing or situation annoys you. Any unpleasant word or action that someone says or does makes you angry.

When you eat your breakfast, you’ll be in a good, happy and positive mood. You’ll be pleasant to be around! The chemicals that make you happy and positive will be released in your body! So enjoy your breakfast!

Your periods will be more painful

It’s understandable that women experience pain and discomfort when having their periods. You may lessen the pain by regularly eating your breakfast. By eating your breakfast you can also lessen the problem of irregular periods.

I hope what we’ve discussed will help you to think twice about eating and enjoying your breakfast regularly!