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Empty Stomach and Unhealthy Food Habbits!

Dec 05, 2018

Empty Stomach and Unhealthy Food Habbits!
Empty Stomach and Unhealthy Food Habbits! | Credit: Livestrong

Very often people tend to compromise on the morning nourishment in a scramble to begin their day. But the way we treat our stomachs in the morning sets forth the course of the day and decides our overall well-being. After a 6-8 hour long sleep, the body is deprived of nutrients and it is absolutely essential to kick-start the day with healthy food. Skipping the king meal can lower the blood sugar levels and can increase the sugar cravings for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, in a hurry to reach the workplace, we satiate our growling stomachs with food items which cause more harm than good. Check out for the list of foods that can cause damage when consumed on empty stomach.

healthy food choices
healthy food choices


The aroma of the full-bodied beverage can gear up the wheels of any morning person. But the acidic nature of coffee causes chronic damage to the intestinal walls when taken on empty stomach. It enhances the hydrochloric acid secretion and leads to gastritis.


A continental breakfast comprising of bread rolls, French croissants and a variety of fruit jams is an excitement during a hotel stay or a lazy Sunday. Unfortunately, binging on the sweet pastries and spreads with processed sugar for your breakfast is the worst thing that you could do to your body. It can increase the load on pancreas all of a sudden and can lead to diabetes.


Majority of people assume that it is healthy to begin the day with a tall glass of fruit juice. Fruit juices are good sources of sugar and when taken as the first morning meal it can trouble the pancreas just like sweets and pastries.

Cold beverages

Consuming very cold drinks in the morning can put down man’s metabolic engine. Plus it damages the mucous membrane. Thus, enjoying a mug of iced coffee or fruit smoothies is not an ideal way to begin the king meal.

healthy food for empty stomach
healthy food for empty stomach

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits are the best plant sources of Vitamin C and many antioxidants. Researchers claim that the ascorbic acid occurring in oranges is capable of curing carcinogenic cells. Sadly, even the healthiest foods can harm the body when taken at inappropriate timings. Also, fibrous fruits like guavas and melons when taken on empty stomach can slow down digestion and stop the nutrients from entering the bloodstream

Raw vegetables and salads

Diet conscious people love munching on raw vegetables and greens. There is a bad news for salad lovers. Hitting on fresh, uncooked vegetables is extremely beneficial but definitely not in the mornings. When eaten after sleep, it causes bloating and heartburn.

Spicy food

Indian recipes tempered with spicy hot peppers and garam masala have their own charm among national and international food lovers. But the hot favourites can induce gastric mucosa and causes uneasiness throughout the day.

When all the processed foods try to put your health down, Indian traditional recipes come to the rescue. The desi foods can help you get rid of fatigue and make you gather all the energy to face the world. Consuming lukewarm water with a pinch of cumin seeds is one of the best ways to have your breakfast.

Replace all the instant foods like cereals, packaged juices and pastries with this one storehouse of nutrients- Idlies and Sambhar. This humble meal is a great source of carbohydrates and proteins. Of course, it is not that easy to get this nutritious and tasty meal on your morning plate. Rice and dhal batter is fermented overnight and steamed without oil to make the fluffy soft Idlies. Fermentation boosts the advantage of having these fat free rice cakes. It increases the flow of nutrients and eases the bowels.

Sambhar, the perfect side dish for idlies is a combination of lentils, vegetables and has a subtle touch of Indian spices. Chunks of soft rice cakes dipped in a yummy broth of vegetables and lentils can make one of the tastiest and healthiest breakfasts in the world.