Healthy Bajii mixture Recipe - Tryst with Bhivaram's favourite Street Food
Healthy Bajii mixture Recipe - Tryst with Bhivaram's favourite Street Food | Credit: Youtube

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Healthy Bajii mixture Recipe - Tryst with Bhivaram's favourite Street Food

Sep 06, 2018

We all love eating street food and tend to forget about hygiene when we see street food. AP and Telangana have their own specific street food that their local people love, like other regions all over the world. Food is loved all over the world and so is the case in Bhimavaram where street food is loved by their local people and bajji mixture is one of those delicious street foods. Let’s have a look at how bajji mixture is made.

Bajji mixture is easy to make and tasty to eat with many benefits as it has raw onion which reduces our fat. Nowadays it is cooked oil-free to add to health and the original recipe includes chopped mirchi bajji.  

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

Let’s look at a photo tutorial of Bajji Mixture:

  • One finely cut onion
  • Four big glasses(200gm) of puffed rice
  • One and a half table spoon of cut coriander
  • One piece of lemon
  • Two table spoons of bajji mixture masala
  • One finely cut tomato
  • One and a half table spoons of roasted peanuts

Puffed rice is poured into a big bowl.

The bajji mixture masala, tomato, coriander and onion are added to the puffed rice sequentially.

Then these are mixed to form a mixture.

The juice from the lemon is squeezed out into the puffed rice and peanuts are added.

Now comes the important and the final step.

This mixture is gently kneaded and care is taken that it is done only till the required level.

It is then decorated with plain puffed rice and served immediately.

Below-mentioned is the general recipe for Bajji mixture masala:

  • One spoon of chilly powder
  • One table spoon of coriander powder
  • Salt as per taste
  • One table spoon of chat masala powder
  • One-fourth cup of chickpeas

Credit: Amaravathijunction
Credit: Amaravathijunction

Chickpeas are soaked in water for overnight and then cooked along with water in a pressure cooker but if caned chickpeas are being used then instead of cooking with water, water should be removed from chickpeas and the paste of one-fourth chickpeas is made.

A kadai is heated on stove and chilly powder, chat masala powder, coriander powder, salt and reaming chickpea are added and fried for one minute and then ½ glass of water and chickpeas paste is added. Lid is then closed and cooked until water is evaporated.

There is another type of bajji mixture called Puffed Rice Bajji Mixture (Maramaralu bajji Mixture) and recipe is mentioned below:

Ingredients of this bajji mixture are:

  • Salt as per taste
  • Two table spoons of Sev
  • Two cups of puffed rice
  • Two table spoons of fried peanuts
  • One pinch of chat masala
  • One tea spoon of lemon Juice
  • One finely cut tomato
  • Two table spoons of roasted gram
  • Two bajjis
  • Two table spoons of coriander leaves
  • One pinch of dhania powder
  • Half table spoon of oil
  • One finely cut onion
  • Half tea spoon of red chilly Powder
  • One grated carrot

Steps to prepare bajji mixture:

1. Half table spoon of oil is fried with peanuts in a wide pan.

2. Puffed rice is made crisp by toasting it in that pan for one minute.

3. Mix half table spoon of oil with puffed rice in a bowl.

4. Thoroughly mix red chilly powder, dhania powder, turmeric powder, chat masala powder and salt.

5. Mix grated carrot, chopped tomatoes and onion.

6. Mix roasted gram, sev, fried peanuts and coriander leaves.

7. Mix some cut bajji.

8. Finally, mix lemon juice.