Hot and Delicious Stories from the Wonderful Indian Kitchen
Hot and Delicious Stories from the Wonderful Indian Kitchen | Credit: Babawawa

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Hot and Delicious Stories from the Wonderful Indian Kitchen

Jul 03, 2018

India hasn’t just proved to be a fast-moving nation in terms of technological and economical development. One of the most interesting and delicious foods in the world are the Indian foods. Their dishes are often diverse, fascinating and tasty.

And there’s one thing that fascinates me about Indian food. They are so liberal in using spices in food, particularly chilli. I’m a lover of chilli myself!

Let’s therefore start talking about a hot and delicious story: Chilli. It’s used in almost all wonderful Indian kitchens. We can’t talk about this beautiful country’s food without first talking about chilli.

Credit: Ulleo
Credit: Ulleo

Hot information about chilli in India

  • India ranks top in manufacturing hot peppers or chillies in the world. Does that mean that India is the first country that started growing and eating chilli? Not at all. It’s the Portuguese that introduced India to this nice and hot friend of ours, chilli. It was in the fifteenth century. That’s over 500 years!
  • One of the hottest chillies in the world is found in India. How hot is India’s chilli? It’s 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce! That’s really hot! This hot chilli is called bhut jolokia.
  • Somebody once told me that there are some hot chillies, that are so hot, that when you eat them you feel like your head has become detached from your entire body! Is it perhaps this very chilli that makes one feel like his head is a dismembered from the rest of the body? Just joking!
  • Where is this very hot chilli grown in India? In Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.

Credit: Congerdesign
Credit: Congerdesign

Hot health benefits of chilli

1. Chilli does enhance your appetite. Eating some chilli can improve your appetite and turn you into a hungry person who enjoys food! I know of some people who won’t enjoy a meal without chilli!

2. Who doesn’t want to have a strong immune system? There’s vitamin C in your red and fresh chilli and this boosts your immune system.

3. How can you enjoy a good heart rate and blood pressure? Chilli can help you because it contains potassium.

4. Are you suffering from pain or sprain? Appling chilli with medicated castor oil can relieve that pain or sprain.

5. One ailment that is afflicting mankind in modern history is heart attack. Again chilli has healthy benefits of lowering your blood pressure. It can also reduce the unnecessary and detrimental cholesterol. Big up to the University of Cincinnati for their research on this.

6. Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Because chilli contains capsaicin that helps lessen them.

7. What else can help you lose weight? Chilli can too! Why? Because it contains capsaicin. This substance is thermogenic and this is beneficial in activating your metabolism in your body that helps to melt down a measure of fat.

8. I know of people who died from diabetes. Chilli pepper has some properties that can help to reduce diabetes. Why? Because chilli contains capsaicin. This is what a Canadian research found.

9. Pain associated with arthritis and sore muscles can cause great discomfort. The presence of capsaicin in chilli helps reduce pain.

Credit: LisaRedfren
Credit: LisaRedfren

10. Are you having trouble sleeping? Eating chilli every day will help you to enjoy your sleep for long hours.

11. In one study, it was shown that if your diet is rich in hot chillies, chances are that it can reduce cancer. In many studies, capsaicin has been shown to slow down leukaemia and to prevent prostrate cancer.

12. You want to enjoy a hot sex life in your marriage? Chilli is said to enhance your sexual appetite or sexual drive.

13. Did you know that chilli can help also cure diarrhoea? There are some medicinal tablets that are made by combing chilli, camphor, cumin seeds and asafoetida.

Precautions about chillies

Chilli isn’t friendly and appetising to everyone. It’d be wise to avoid eating chilli if you’re a person who has some issues with the following:

1. Stomach burning

2. Ulcers

3. Acidity

4. Hyper-acidity

The more we know about the nutritional value of a certain food or spice in the wonderful Indian kitchen, the more we’ll love it and enjoy it—not just for its taste and flavour but because of what it’s able to do for our health.

I hope you enjoyed this hot and delicious story from the wonderful Indian kitchen about the nutritional value of chilli!