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Mouth-Watering eat outs to Treat your Taste Buds with in Mumbai during Ramzan

Jun 21, 2018

Mouth-Watering eat outs to Treat your Taste Buds with in Mumbai during Ramzan
Mouth-Watering eat outs to Treat your Taste Buds with in Mumbai during Ramzan |Credit: HungryForever

Ramzan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This month is considered to be a sacred month which involves prayers to the almighty and spread the love. During this month, Muslims across the globe will fast from sunrise to sunset. The meal that is eaten before the sunrise is called the Sehri. People offer prayers to the god and then break their fast. The fast is traditionally broken with dates and a glass of water after the sunset. Then comes the time for a great feast called Iftar which has a variety of dishes ranging from Haleem, shawarma, phirni, sweets and so on. This month is also a very special month for the food lovers as one can get to taste a huge variety of dishes available in various joints. There are specific areas in every city which are well known for these dishes. Let’s see where we can get to taste the best Iftar dishes in Mumbai.

Mohammed Ali Road - Khau Galli

If you want to experience the real glory of Iftar dishes then you should visit Mohammed Ali road. This place is famous for their mouth-watering chicken tikkas, shawarmas and phirni. There are many shops lined up throughout the day but you can see the actual crowd after 6 pm where people break their fast and line up on this street.

This place is next to the Minar Masjid and it is very comfortable for people who are fasting. With a plethora of options available which includes Paya, goats brain fry, goat soup and so on you will be confused on what to choose.

Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar

This is the prime spot for the exclusive biryanis, you can taste in Mumbai. It is open till 2 am and serves Ramzan Haleem that is usually eaten to break the fast.

Haleem is the best among the Iftar dishes that is made of wheat, meat and lentils to form a paste-like consistency. It takes almost 8 hours to cook Haleem. 

Nawab Bhai Kebabwala - Jogeshwari food street

Jogeshwari food street is another famous street in Mumbai with a lot of crowd buzzing during the Ramzan season for the yummy foods available here. 

You can get to taste the super yummy meatballs, meat cutlets, phirni and spicy Haleem. Hot jalebis, halwa and rabdi are the prime dishes that pull in the crowd. 

Chinese n Grill

As an irony, this is not a Chinese food joint. This place is the limelight for the Nalli Nihari, which is the tender meat falling off the bone cooked with the right choice of spices.

This place is also known for their grilled chicken and kidney fry. This shop is open from 8 pm, to be there early to avoid huge crowd. 

Surti Barah Handi

Get to taste the lip-smacking slow-cooked meat and curries at this spot. As the name says, it has 12 large clay pots with a variety of curries like paya and other gravies.

The best thing is that the curries are cooked in a slow-cook method. This method of cooking makes the meat very soft and delicious to taste. It is such a yummy experience to have these curries with the roti and naan served here.

Bohari Mohalla

Bohari Mohalla is the food joint where lots of people have their feast together. This place is known for the traditional Bohari dishes. 

The feast starts after the sunset and continues till midnight. Nalli Nihari, Pakistani chicken rolls and tawa gurda are the must-try dishes of this place. 

Last but not the least, Taj Ice cream at the bhendi bazaar offers a wide variety of hand-churned ice creams with original flavours like mango, strawberry and sitaphul that turns to be the perfect end of an Iftar feast. Don’t miss to try it out!