The action plan for a mouth-watering Tibetan food trial!
The action plan for a mouth-watering Tibetan food trial! | Credit: Times Of India

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The action plan for a mouth-watering Tibetan food trial!

Oct 20, 2018

McLeodganj is a famous place in Dharamshala visited by tourists from all over the world. It is 475 km from Delhi and 250 km from Chandigarh and is a favourite place for trips.

Approximately 25 years old, located at the town square, Mc’LLo is a restaurant having two floors with a rooftop bar and a seating capacity of 200 plus and is frequently visited by celebrities from all over the world such as cricketers, Bollywood stars, Hollywood stars and models.

Also known as Little Lhasa, McLeodganj is the home to thousands of Tibetans who were able to preserve their culture, faith and identity by coming to this place. A large number of tourists are lured by the spiritual pull of Buddhist monk “Dalai Lama”, the mighty Dhauladhar peak in the town’s backdrop and the nearby British era tea estates.

All kinds of tourists are attracted towards McLeodganj for the trek called “Triund”. People also visit McLeodganj due to the availability of food in the cafes located at various places in the town offering various types of foods including the Tibetan food trail.

Best way to explore McLeodganj is by walk which helps in avoiding traffic on narrow roads and making the town pollution free so people can park their vehicle at one place and begin their journey by walk.

People are so attracted towards the beauty of McLeodganj that they make frequent visits.

Visitors are also attracted to the artefacts in McLeodganj. Food recipes are also one of the impressive features of this place. Restaurants in McLeodganj have Continental, Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines.  

The best time to start the food trail in Mcleodganj is in the morning between 06:00 am–07:00 am when the buses from Delhi arrive. There are numerous stalls in the city from where you can begin your day with bread omelette and lemon-ginger tea.

Bread Omlette and tea

You can have mix veg omelette along with Tibetan bread in the breakfast or Thupka with shakes. Hot momos or dumplings can be taken before the lunch and are easily available during the day. These momos or dumplings are served with mayonnaise and chutney to give a perfect and balanced taste and are sold at a reasonable rate.

Hakka noodles or excellent pastas can be tried out along with a glass of lemon beer or peach beer in the cafes such as the Clay Oven.

Lemon Beer

French fries should be eaten before the pizza as these are crispy and tasty and can be consumed in a few minutes. Pizzas from Carpediem can be eaten as a late evening snack, which will be one of the best you have ever eaten and are an important part of the 24-hour McLeodganj food trail.

Fresh- baked cakes/pastries should not be forgotten from the bakeries in front of Carpediem such as chocolate banana cakes, which are awesome. Try the soups at the Norling Café before eating freshly cooked kababs and tikkas from the tandoor which are available in front of the temple steps away from the Main Square. These items are sold by vendors even when all the cafes are closed and so these items should definitely be included in the food trail. You should step out of your rooms early to fill up your tummies as the cafes close down early and most probably you might get a seat in any of the cafes post 08:30 pm.

Tibetan food trail is also available in Tambaram, Chennai. There is a Tibetan restaurant set up in front of the Phoenix mall which is famous for its delicious food. The restaurant is named after a specific type of chillies in East of Sikkim. This restaurant is decorated with excellent posters and a soft Tibetan music is played.