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Weird food Combinations that's gaining Popularity among Foodies

Nov 01, 2018

Weird food Combinations that's gaining Popularity among Foodies
Weird food Combinations that's gaining Popularity among Foodies | Credit: Framed Cooks

Foodies are an interesting bunch of people. They swear by the motto that they don’t eat to live but rather live to eat. Their taste buds dictate their experiences and their happy memories are always incomplete without good food. Always on the lookout for authentic as well as experimental food, foodies go to great lengths to eat what they want. In fact, many of them take vacations based on the kind of food available in different places. Food trails become the most important itinerary of their vacations. 

It is not just today that India is filled with foodies. Ours has been a country that has a well-documented love for food. India has been home to various culinary experiments and fusions that have yielded some of the most delicious cuisines and dishes that are enjoyed even today.

Experimenting with food is a part of a foodie’s life. No combination is off-limits for them. It is this attitude that lets them discover some unconventional yet mind-blowing combinations such as Chicken Tikka-Pizza, Chilli-Ice Cream, Paneer-Dosa, etc that are now available in restaurants on popular demand.

So, let us take a look at some of the weirdest food combinations that you might have never imagined before. These are all approved by foodies in India on various foodie groups in Social Media. Read on and see if your favourite combination is featured in the list too.

best food combinations ever
best food combinations ever

1. Idli with Chole

2. Chapathi with Coffee

3. Dosa with Badam Milk

4. Curd Rice with Mutton Kaima

5. Dosa with Nutella

6. Mosranna with Balehannina Rasaayana

7. Curd Rice with Chinese Stir Fried Veggies in Garlic Sauce

8. Sheera with Podi

9. Haldirams Aloo Bhujiya with Ginger Tea

10. Chicken Biryani with Kerala Moru Curry

11. Upma and Tomato Sauce

12. Banana and Bhujiya Sev

13. Curd Vada with Coffee

14. Bread with Bhujiya Sev

15. Rice with Ice Cream

16. Sheera with Coconut Chutney

17. Saru/Rasam with Chitranna

18. Gujarati Fried Rice and Tea

19. Kesari Bath with Chutney

20. Vanilla Ice Cream with Soya Sauce

21. Curd Rice with Banana

22. Obattu with Raitha

23. Noodles with Curd

24. Omelette with Jam

25. Maggi made in milk

26. Fried Rice mixed with Noodles

27. Filter Coffee Decoction with Soda

28. Pesarettu with Jam

29. Dal Rice with Chicken Tandoori

food combining chart
food combining chart

30. Chapathi with Jaggery

31. Maggi with Pickle

32. Pani Puri with Italian Herbs

33. Dosa with Butter Chicken

34. Aloo Bhujia with Curd

35. Momos within Burgers

36. Pani Puri filled with Vodka

37. Noodles with Bhel

38. Khakra Sandwiches with Chocolate Filling

39. Samosa with Noodles Stuffing

40. Chocolate Stuffed Paranthas

41. Ice Cream with French Fries

42. Fish Fry with Jam

43. Jam with Cheese

44. Appam with Nutella

45. Bhajji with Chocolate Sauce drizzled over it

46. Pan Shots

47. Kebabs with Peanut Butter

48. Lays Magic Masala Chips with Vanilla Ice Cream

49. Schezwan Dosa

50. Chinese Idli-Upma

If you are a foodie then try out the stuff from the list that you haven’t tried yet and enjoy the explosion of tastes in your mouth. Happy eating!