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Accelerate walking speed by chewing a bar of minty gum

May 02, 2018

Accelerate walking speed by chewing a bar of minty gum
Accelerate walking speed by chewing a bar of minty gum | Credit: US News

Accelerate walking speed by chewing a bar of minty gum

Chewing gum is portrayed as gum based confectioneries with artificial sweeteners and flavoring agents. Many people hate the sugar coated, stretchy gums which can possibly stick on to one’s clothes, shoes and create a mess. Sadly, a very little is known about the benefits that these gums offer. One would not have realized the increase in walking speed while chewing a strip of flavorful chewing gum. Recent studies show that the practice of chewing can significantly affect the speed of walking which could be very helpful to reach healthy goals. An average person takes about 60 steps in a minute while she chews about 75 times per minute. When walking and chewing is done simultaneously, walking speed accelerates and matches with the rate of chewing, eventually resulting in faster walking.

This idea which sprouted as a simple theory was extended into a full-blown study. The group of researchers who initiated the concept could not find references in the past regarding the benefits of chewing gum while walking. A survey was conducted on people of different ages to check the impacts of chewing gum. A group of 15 young adults and 15 older adults were asked to chew gums while walking. Their food steps were measured using tracking devices and accelerometers. The study showed young and older participants followed the same pattern, walking faster to keep pace with their chewing rate. For every chewing condition, people walked faster, compared to any test where they weren't chewing. Researchers concluded chewing had a strong influence on walking irrespective of the person’s age.

Chewing is one of the processes that are inculcated in human mind at a very young age. If given a bar of fruity gums, it would help any person take quicker paces. Unlike other processed sweets, chewing gum is lesser in calories and offers dental advantages. It favors excess secretion of saliva which washes out the acid and excess food out of the mouth. Sugar free gums reduce cavities when chewed after meals. Chewing gums can help people struggling to shed the excess pounds. Grabbing a strip before eating suppresses appetite and makes the person consume smaller portions of food. Chewing itself burns a few calories and reduces face fat. Coupled with proper diet and physical activity, chewing gums can create a significant impact on the stubborn body fat.

However, it is very important to check the quality of chewing gum before using it. Not all gums offer the above quoted benefits. Sugar free gums or the gums made of natural latex are not only fun to chew but are also great catalysts for healthy living