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All the Great Reasons to Eat Chocolates: Best Cure for Coughs

Apr 23, 2018

All the Great Reasons to Eat Chocolates: Best Cure for Coughs
All the Great Reasons to Eat Chocolates: Best Cure for Coughs | Credit: Daniel Fazio

That tickle in our throat can be so irritating. When coughing spells start, you feel like vanishing away as you get caught in the grip of intermittent burst of spasmodic barks. Blame it on atmospheric and environmental changes caused due to dust, pollen, chemicals and pollution in the air or a change in the weather, they are enough to trigger a sudden irritation in your throat. No choice but to embrace any remedies to ease it, albeit it doesn’t help much. Drinking warm fluid to soothe the galling throat using a melange of hot water, turmeric, honey tea, or lemon juice does relieve the feeling of dry, parched cough but is not effective enough to cure a persistent cough.

Mostly children are susceptible to cold, cough owing to weak immunity though it's equally miserable for everyone else. The cases are on the rise and doctors are receiving double number of patients with such symptoms. Hope lingers on the prescribed medicine to bring relief but not without making you drowsy, dull and sleepy.

A miracle finding at last! New research findings show that a bar of chocolate can actually cure common cough. Chocolate, unbelievable isn't it! Cocoa has high levels of theobromine that can be used to cure cough. How does theobromine work? Theobromine blocks the action of the sensory nerves, which halts the cough reflex. Chocolate also has inflammation relieving properties and is stickier than cough syrup, thus forming a protective coat to shield the nerve endings in the throat that trigger the urge to cough.

The investigation suggests that this is an effective method of cough treatment. Unsweetened dark chocolate has about 450mg, sweet dark chocolate has 150mg and milk chocolate has about 60mg theobromine. Isn't this a good excuse to indulge in chocolate, why not, as long as it keeps cough at bay. By the time you read this, you would already be running to grab some!

Principal investigator Professor Alyn Morice, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull, and a founding member of the International Society for the Study of Cough, says: "Chocolate can calm coughs. I know that might sound like something out of Mary Poppins, but as an independent clinician who has spent years researching the mechanism of cough, I can assure you the evidence is actually as solid a bar of Fruit and Nut. Eating a bar of dark chocolate a day which has high levels of the compound may also be effective for people with diagnosed persistent cough, although eating chocolate on a daily basis may have other unwanted effects, including weight gain and so on." Indulge in this cocoa-based treatment twice a day for 14 days to experience great relief from cough.

Morice is not the only one to make the sweet claim. London's Imperial College Researchers' also found that theobromine suppresses coughs better than codeine commonly used as a cough medicine. So the next time you get cough, you know what to reach out for, products that include cocoa or maybe that dark chocolate bar.