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Did People in the 80's have Stronger Joints Compared to Us?

Apr 16, 2018

Did People in the 80's have Stronger Joints Compared to Us?
Did People in the 80's have Stronger Joints Compared to Us? | Credit: Remediesforme

Recent demand for joint replacement surgeries shows that a huge segment of the population suffers from several joint related diseases. In today’s world, our expectation from life has increased substantially and that has forced the current generation to lead a fast and competitive life. But three decades ago, in the 80’s, the expectation and pressure to live a life was very less when compared to today. There is a theory that this is what helped them to live a healthy life. Also, the lifestyle of today’s generation has changed substantially and the intake of several chemicals which is not good for health has also increased.

People in today’s world of technology are more inclined towards junk food which includes packed foods as well. These types of food contribute to weight gain. Extra weight upon the body and a lack of time for exercise results in weight gain which is a major cause of joint problems. When we compare the present with the 80’s, obesity wasn’t there at this rate. People used to eat healthy food and also, junk foods was not so easily available in the market!

Extra weight can easily damage the knee joints which makes us end up with a Knee replacement surgery.

In today’s time, we pay more attention to consuming high protein food to look extremely fit to match up the expectations of peers. The current generation keeps on exerting more pressure and load on the joints by running in the gym and doing weight exercises which are not natural in nature.

In 80’s also, people did have arthritis problem.After taking up retirement, they used to give up activities that was a part of their earlier life. Thus, due to this, they used to face joint related issue due to lack of movement, inflammation, and stiffness being common symptoms. But, the problems were not as common as they are today.

Reasons for healthier joints in the 80’s:

  1. People in 80’s were used to doing a lot of physical work as compared to today’s generation. Walking was considered as the most common way to travel to the nearby places. Use of motorbike or any kind of such vehicles, was barely available. Cycling also was considered a major mode of commutation. This helped people stay stronger and healthier with joints in good condition.
  2. Less exhausting lifestyle than today was also a reason for the healthy and stronger joints.
  3. In the 80’s, the childhood of that generation was built on the pure form of protein and healthy food which made the bones stronger. Also, the exercise level during teenage was more which used to make bones and joints stronger.
  4. In today’s era, the lifespan is longer as compared to 80’s due to which the demand on the joints has increased. In 80’s, people used to do a lot of manual labour and the lifespan also was less which lead to overall lower impact on joints.
  5. These days, due to automation of different activity and due to lack of time, people are more inclined towards using machines. The absence of manual activity takes a toll on our health.

Although it is not necessarily true that people in the 80’s used to have strong joints, but the lifestyle and lifespan was very different from the current generation. In today’s world, we try to overachieve and put too much of pressure on our body to match up to the current pace of life. We need to focus on maintaining ideal body weight and take care of our joints.