Do you know Food can serve as Medicine for emotional Depression ?
Do you know Food can serve as Medicine for emotional Depression ? | Credit: Darksouls

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Do you know Food can serve as Medicine for emotional Depression ?

Sep 26, 2018

It affects people of all races, young and old. It affects the rich, the poor, the famous and the less-known. It knows no educational or social status.

It knows no single or married person. It knows no city, town or countryside. It knows no continent, country or island. Mental illness is a menacing human problem that has crippled the lives of millions.

We live at a time when there’s a shocking huge number of people suffering from damaging stress, depression, psychological problems, mental and emotional illness.

Films have been produced that show characters struggling with mental illness. The fact that mental illness has even found its way into films teaches us that this human problem is real and widespread.

It’s true that watching a film that portrays characters with mental illness might make us relate to it or at least understand the pain that someone we know is going through.

But since this mental illness leaves the sufferers painfully helpless and hopeless, I think it’d be more loving to reach out to sufferers and discuss specific and practical ways to cope with damaging stress, depression, psychological problems, mental and emotional illness. What are some of these coping methods?

Talk to a trusted and empathetic person

One of the best ways to overcome or cope with damaging stress, depression, psychological problems, mental and emotional illness is by talking to a trusted and loving person.

Please do not suffer alone. There’s nothing more painful than suffering mental illness alone in silence.

You can lessen the painful grip of mental illness on your heart and mind by sharing your troubled emotions and thoughts with a trusted, empathetic and supportive person. Pour out your heart to him or her. You’ll feel better and relieved.

Seek medical professional help

Why? Humans get sick physically, emotionally and mentally. And when we’re physically sick, we readily seek medical help. Similarly, we need to seek medical professional help when we get sick emotionally and mentally.

Just as some doctors are trained to treat our physical illnesses, they are also trained to treat our emotional and mental stress. Do not let fear of stigmatisation or embarrassment hinder you from seeking medical help.

They may prescribe anti-depressants or other medicine to correct your mental imbalance that’s causing your depression or mental illness.

You may be admitted at a psychiatric clinic or hospital just as we may get hospitalised when we have a serious physical illness.

They might provide counselling and practical suggestions to deal with the underlying problems that trigger your depression or mental illness.

Eat nutritious and healthy food

Your diet plays a vital role in your feeling good emotionally and mentally. Paying attention to what you eat will help you to cope with stress, depression or mental illness. Food can serve as medicine. There are healthy foods that are known to boost your mood and fight mental and emotional depression.

Especially at a time when you’re suffering from mental illness is it important for you to focus on eating well to help yourself feel good and to recover. Endeavour to eat healthy food at the right time and in the right amounts.

Get enough rest and sleep

A good night’s sleep has been associated with feeling good and energetic. Having enough sleep regularly is also linked to good physical and mental health.

Sleep helps to lessen the pain of agonising experiences and memories we go through in life. It helps the brain to rewind or recoil. And the brain experiences less stress or mental exhaustion.

A well-rested brain performs better than a sleep-starved brain. The more sleep you get, the healthier you will feel emotionally, mentally and physically.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise has the ability to help a depressed person feel better. It has the ability to make us feel stronger. It can help you to cope with depression or mental illness. So try to have a regular physical exercise programme. It’s recommended that you exercise at least three times a day.

Start small. You may start with 10 minutes, and increase gradually to 15, 20 to 30 minutes. And before starting your physical, you may consult a doctor about the type, amount of time to exercise and where.

Have hope and belief

Hope for the better. Believe that things will be alright one day. There’s something that has been linked to hope and belief that lifts a person out of depression or mental illness.

Hope and belief can do wonders to the brain and heart of the sufferer. It can brighten a sad heart and clear a mentally depressed mind. Do not quickly conclude that all hope is gone.