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Don't lose Face in these Customary facial Myths!

Jan 18, 2019

Don't lose Face in these Customary facial Myths!
Don't lose Face in these Customary facial Myths! | Credit: Doctoresbolaroja

When you want beauty a treatment, facials top the list. You go to a beauty salon and your face is cleaned, scrubbed, massaged, steamed, zits are extracted, face packs and masks are slathered on and removed, and you walk out feeling good about yourself. Additionally, depending on the salon and treatment you chose, you can end up with much less currency in your wallet than you walked in with.

Facials Do Wonders for the Skin

When you visit a beauty salon and ask about facials the facial treatment expert will examine your skin and come up with some statements that you won’t find pleasant. You are told your skin is oily or dry, has blemishes and so on and you need urgent treatment as mandatory as oxygen. It will make your skin look so many years younger and glow like it has never done. 

The fact is that the saying “beauty is skin deep” is true. No matter how many treatments you undergo it cannot penetrate deeply into the skin. What really helps are the sunscreens or shading yourself from the sun, covering your face with a scarf when you are out and so on.

Additionally, regular exercise, drinking enough water, eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet and your genes contribute to the condition of your skin. It helps to use moisturisers as well.

Organic and Natural Facials are the Best

Many people choose organic or natural facials as they believe these are the best. However, it depends on what suits them. Some organic or natural products can cause severe reactions such as rashes or cause pigmentation problems and some may result in bad breakouts or rashes on the skin. 

It makes sense not to get sold to the pep talk beauticians give you about how beneficial a specific type of facial is, or what wonders a beauty mask will work on your face. The fact is that all cleansing, massaging, application of serums and steaming makes you feel great and pampered and is soothing. You leave the spa feeling good in your mind and believing all that your beautician advised you about. Whether it helps your skin is anybody’s guess. 

Facials can Regenerate Cells and Boost Collagen

No cosmetic or natural product has been scientifically proven to boost collagen or regenerate new cells. Most of the products cannot sink deep into the epidermis layer of the skin. The fact is Retin A is a product that dermatologists use for treatment of acne and this helps reduce aging skin signs such as dark spots, lines and loose skin. Microdermabrasion, Retinol A, AHA skin peeling, and sunscreen are proven methods for improving the appearance and protecting facial skin rather than the much-touted facials that are among the top prime revenue earners in the beauty industry. Retinol can be bought at medical stores and is a milder version of Retin A. You will need to visit a skin doctor to prescribe Retin A. 

The truth is that facials boost your mood and are a psychological upliftment that provides temporary relief by removing blackheads and zits.

You get a facial mainly due to the propaganda from beauticians who seem to know it all and persuade you about the benefits of an oxygen treatment, a fruit facial, or some other fancy facial and how all the impurities will be flushed out!

You may feel you look better after a facial, but the fact is that it is all because of the massage and adding of different products. If you have the time and money to spare and you want to relax after a long week, go and get a facial and believe it will do you good. After all belief is everything!