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Is it alright if my Child starts Crawling Backwards?

Mar 19, 2019

Is it alright if my Child starts Crawling Backwards?
Is it alright if my Child starts Crawling Backwards? | Photography: FirstcryParenting

One of the exciting things you look forward as a parent is seeing your child start crawling. And you’re accustomed to seeing kids crawl forwards. What if your child starts crawling backwards instead of forwards?

Is it okay if your child is crawling backwards? Are there some tips that may help you to teach your child to start crawling forwards? What if your child never ever learns how to walk forward? We’ll talk about all this in this article to calm your fears and worries!

Is it okay if your child is crawling backwards?

It’s perfectly normal for your precious child to start crawling backwards! There’s nothing medically wrong with your beautiful child. The very fact that you’ve seen so many babies crawling forwards in India doesn’t mean that you’ve start to seeking professional help because of this condition that your child is manifesting in their early development.

It’s the child who chooses the direction that is comfortable for him or her – whether to crawl backwards or forwards! As a parent, it might be better for you to be patient with your child’s choices for now.

  • Since arms and legs are used for crawling, the child will know what part feels stronger at this stage. If the legs are stronger, the child will naturally move forwards. And if he feel that his arms are stronger than the legs, he’ll naturally crawl backwards. This is so because different babies develop differently at different stages in their early development.
  • The important thing is that your baby is moving where he wants to go. And he seems to enjoy moving that way! So enjoy what he’s enjoying too! What should bring you great joy is that your child is crawling to where he wants to go, to the place where you’re sitting or where you are standing! That’s the most exciting thing for your child–and for you!
  • The child might soon start moving forwards as his legs get stronger and stronger! Sometimes babies are full of pleasant surprises in their early development. You may be surprised one day to see your child crawling forwards towards you!
  • But, if your child does not walk forward, it’s completely normal too. The main thing is that the baby is moving! There are some kids who never even learn to crawl forward but start standing and walking!
  • And there’s some good and comforting good news for you! Your child is not the only one who crawls backwards! There are many Indian babies who feel stronger in their arms than in their legs who crawl backwards. So you don’t need to worry. You’re not alone.

Remember that your child won’t be crawling for the rest of their life – whether he crawls forwards or backwards! It’s just a stage in his development. From this stage he’ll move on to standing and then to walking. The permanent stage is the walking stage that’ll come soon!

Tips to help your child crawl forwards

- Hold out his favourite solid food in front of him so that he comes to get it. Say some nice and encouraging words. If he fails to crawl towards you, you may quickly choose to give him the food rather than deprive him of it.

- Be patient and loving. Try another time. If he perhaps learns to crawl to get the food, you’ll be having fun together with your baby as he crawls to get the food that you’re holding out to him!

- Hold out his most cherished baby toy in front of him so that he can come and get it from you. Your child might be frustrated for not getting what she wants in front, but keep encouraging him. Show kindness and consideration for your adorable child. With time, he might manage to crawl forwards.

- Another fact that you need to bear in mind as a loving parent is that some babies that are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy are more likely to start crawling later than other fellow babies in India.

- If your child keeps crawling backwards, you need to remember that he’ll still learn how to stand. And he’ll learn how to walk. And he’ll be walking forwards – and he won’t be walking backwards!

I hope this information has helped you to calm your fears and worries and to continue loving your child without worry even if he’s crawling backwards instead of forwards!