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Mineral water: Health benefits and the need to Sneak them into our Diet.

Aug 27, 2018

Mineral water: Health benefits and the need to Sneak them into our Diet.
Mineral water: Health benefits and the need to Sneak them into our Diet. | Credit: Publicdomainpic

The secret to good health, great skin and a toxic-free system lies in the humble glass of water. Guzzle down 3–4 litres of water per day and keep your body hydrated, well-lubricated and shields you from all free radicals and impurities.

Every health aficionado knows this fact. What is however not known with certainty is what kind of water actually is more beneficial for the system the ordinary glass of purified tap water or the more expensive bottled versions of mineral water. Is mineral water just a fad for the rich and the affluent or does it actually garner any extra brownie points for added health benefits? Let’s find out.

Credit: Conger Design
Credit: Conger Design

Water is crucial for all living organisms to survive and thrive. One can survive up to 3 weeks without food but one would perish in 3 days if one has to go without water. Nowadays there is a wide variety of choices in the market like mineral water, bottled water, sparkling water or plain water. The two most common options for quenching our thirst are plain water and mineral water.

Plain water, as the name suggests is water extracted from its natural sources, in its original form. Mineral water on the other hand has certain minerals incorporated in its composition, either naturally from mountain springs or artificially, to enhance its taste and boost its fitness quotient, which is then bottled at the source and sold as drinking water. Known to contain substances like magnesium, calcium, sodium and zinc mineral water is a quick and easy way of supplementing our mineral intake and does contain some proven health benefits:

1. They work as great mineral additives for the body, especially in case of deficiency, compensating for minerals which the body is otherwise unable to produce naturally.

2. As a source of calcium, promoting healthy bone density it is comparable or even better than dairy products for it is absorbed and utilised faster and better.

Credit: Francesco Paggiaro
Credit: Francesco Paggiaro

3. Digestion gets a boost, thanks to the magnesium sulphate, sodium sulphate, bicarbonate and chloride present in ample quantity in a bottle of mineral water.

4. Most obesity-related ailments result from hormonal disorders or excessive indulgence in junk food. A shot of flavoured mineral water may satiate our pangs which might otherwise be misinterpret as false hunger pangs.

5. Intake of normal from arbitrary sources can be a definite health risk with the amount of impurities and toxic elements present at various sources. Mineral water, which is treated and processed and has already undergone certain stages of purification, is the safest option while out and about , especially for young kids and elderly people whose immunity is easily compromised.

However like all good things, mineral water also runs into being a health hazard, if indulged in excess, since they tend to be high in sodium, and must be taken with caution, for those suffering from elevated blood pressure.

Moreover, if it is plain hydration one is looking for to quench one’s thirst, a glass of pure tap water may just do the trick.

However, mineral water is certainly a far more delicious alternative to any other health drink. Moreover, the wide array of flavoured mineral water with added electrolytes which are now being made available makes drinking more water to keep oneself hydrated a tempting proposition. Mineral water is pre-regulated for safety concerns, it is refreshing, contains zero calories, ubiquitously available nowadays and much easier to carry around.

All in all, it is a magic potion when it comes to incorporating some essential minerals in the most unobtrusive manner in our system and one must look for ways to sneak it into one’s diet, now and then, for a shot of good health.