Winter Skin Care: A rundown on the Dos and Don'ts!
Winter Skin Care: A rundown on the Dos and Don'ts! | Credit: Teddy Kelley

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Winter Skin Care: A rundown on the Dos and Don'ts!

Oct 09, 2018

As the winters set in and the temperature begins to fall, the troubles with skin issues start showing up. The freezing cold gives mercy to no one and our skin isn’t an exception. The blizzards leave our skin dry and itchy. The falling temperatures take a toll on the skin’s radiance and moisture – leaving us wondering what to do. It doesn’t mean that you have to lay your arms to the wrath of winter. No matter how ruthless they are for your skin’s health, there’s always a way out to maintain your skin in the healthiestconditions.

Simply, follow a few dos and don’ts to nullify the effects of falling temperatures on your skin’s health. Let’s make you familiar with the dos and don’ts of the winter skincare to compliment your looks:

Credit: Folhavitoria
Credit: Folhavitoria

Dos of Winter Skin Care

1. Always Use a Skin Moisturizer

The winters wreak havoc on your skin turning it into dry and flaky. If that dry skin annoys you, then there’s a way out. Just use a good skin moisturizerregularly and nullifying the impacts of winters wouldn’t be a big deal. Use a moisturizing cream with a perfect blend of coconut oils and macadamia to moisturize your parched skin. A good moisturizer soothes the skin, leaving it nourished. Then even the freezing weather could do no harm to your skin. Mind it!

2. Put a Humidifier to Use

Usehumidifiersover the traditional room heaters. Wondering why? Well, they minimize the chances of exposure to the hot dry air blowing out of small room heaters. You might love that cozy and feeling of warmth from those central heating systems. But they are the major reason behind the dry skin in winters. On the contrary, humidifiers maintain the optimum moisture levels in your home that helps in skin care.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin in winter helps get rid of dead skin cells. Performing it a couple of times in a week keeps skin drying and flaking issues at bay. Additionally, scrubbing off your skin boasts its nutrient absorption power. Use a quality scrub made out of pineapple, coconut and sugarcane to pamper your skin this winter. 

Credit: India
Credit: India

Don’ts of Winter Skin Care

1. Don’t Bath With Extremely Hot Water

You might love dipping your body in a piping hot water after staying a long-time outside. But this habit takes a toll on your skin health. Bathing with the hot water leads to loss of moisture fromthe skin and makes it dull. So instead of using hot water, prefer lukewarm water for a shower that shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes. Use moisturizing cream immediately after the bath to preserve its glow.

2. Don’t Use Skin Cleansers Containing Sulfates

Avoid the use of sulfates that most body cleansers contain. They eliminate the oil from your skin. These sulfates might be good for use in summers but not in winters. But if you still do, experiencing redness of skin and dry skin is quite obvious in winter months. Use sulfate-free organic products instead. Avoiding sulfates use in winters help combat unwanted skin issues that pop up without invitation in the frozen months.

3. Don’t Apply Foundation to Your Dry Skin

Applying make-up directly to your dry skin? Well, most of the ladies use this practice but it eventually backfires. It makes the skin dull and flaky, better stay off this unhealthy habit. Or else, you will ruin your skin’s charm. Make sure you exfoliate your skin before applying foundation to it.

The Bottom Line

No doubts, winters are ruthless on your skin but spending a little time in pampering it is all you need to maintain it in a youthfulstate. You need not follow every other tip that shows over the internet every other day. Instead, following the dos and don’ts discussed here are more than enough to keep skin dryness at bay. Don’t let the falling temperatures wreak havoc on your skin by using these tricks and tips and you will never regret.