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  • Coimbatore Parenting Network: An NGO organising “liquid gold” for babies

Coimbatore Parenting Network: An NGO organising “liquid gold” for babies

Mar 07, 2018

Coimbatore Parenting Network: An NGO organising “liquid gold” for babies
Coimbatore Parenting Network: An NGO organising “liquid gold” for babies

The Coimbatore Parenting Network (CPN) is an organisation that supports new parents and parents-to-be in and around Coimbatore. Starting from helping them make informed birthing decisions, baby wearing, breastfeeding to homeschooling, this organisation serves as a safe place for people to get viable information and constant support and love. This is essentially a peer group that brings together a number of like-minded people. Currently, it consists of around 3000 parents working towards finding solutions for many common problems that they face and also to create awareness and break myths about topics like breastfeeding, birthing, etc.

They conduct meeting for the people to get together and discuss issues or just share their stories amidst supportive people. Their Facebook group is a dedicated space for members to ask anything and everything related to parenting. CPN also has experts to guide new parents on various common issues. The experts are always there to clarify about learning disorders, homeschooling, use of menstrual cups, cloth diapers, baby wearing, etc to promote a sustainable way to bring up children.

Coimbatore Parenting Network: An NGO organising “liquid gold” for babies

Especially when it comes to breastfeeding, CPN is making sure to leave no stone unturned in creating the right awareness among the people. Many people are not aware of the concept of donating breast milk. Neither are they aware of the problems many babies face due to lack of breast milk. Breast milk is one of the most things that a baby gets and contributes to a great deal of immunity and strength at a later stage in their lives. This is why it is called ‘liquid gold' and every baby needs breast milk. CPN is doing great work to bridge the gap between excess breast milk and deficiency by collecting breast milk from donors and stocking it at the Coimbatore Government Hospital Milk Bank.

The organisation has been awarded the Coimbatore Citizen award and the Coimbatore Women Achiever award for their work in this area. In fact, they are the only organized group that donates breast milk to the government hospital at least once a month.

Coimbatore Parenting Network: An NGO organising “liquid gold” for babies

What started as a simple request for breast milk on their online group has grown this big today. They first collected and donated milk to the hospital as a mother’s day special activity in 2017. As a part of this, they visited the neonatal ward only to watch heart-melting scenes of tiny babies suffering due to lack of breast milk. This instigated them to take this up on a regular basis.

“Our breast milk co-ordinator Minu Gnanamoorthy sorts the messages that we get on our group and gets in touch with interested donors and connects them through a WhatsApp group," they say.

"All information regarding pumping milk, storing the milk and collection date and time is shared with the donors through the group. We usually collect from their doorstep or guide them to nearest collection points if they live away from the city. The collected breast milk is delivered to the government hospital. This is then pasteurized before being fed to babies."

Coimbatore Parenting Network: An NGO organising “liquid gold” for babies

The organisation stands tall on the foundation of love and support from thousands of parents and the generous breast milk donors.

Their upcoming event, ‘Vaanga Pazhagalam, Vaanga Polambalam’ is garnering a lot of interest in the community of new-parents and would-be parents. The event is a one-of-its-kind meet up where parents of all kinds can talk about anything under the sun in a judgement-free environment amidst loving and supporting peers. This Women’s Day, CPN is all set to make the day even more special with loads of fun0filled activities, laughter, celebrations and goodies to take back home. They will also be honouring their generous breast milk donors who they consider no less than heroes.

If you are in anyway related to parenting, this event is a must-attend celebration of all things baby!

Venue: @641, Bharathi Park 7th Cross, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore

Time: 3 to 5pm

Contact CPN on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/coimbatoreparentingnetwork/ or shoot an e-mail to cbeparentingnetwork@gmail.com.

Champions at CPN-

Aishwarya Raju

Head of English Department in a reputed college, Founding Member & Media Co-ordinator for CPN

Gotha Hari Priya Karthick

Entrepreneur, Parenting Consultant, Treasurer at CPN

Kumutha Chandrika

Entrepreneur, Cloth Diapering Consultant, Social Media Coordinator for CPN

Minu Gnanamoorthy

Organic Farmer, Baby Wearing Consultant, Breast Milk Donation Co-ordinator for CPN

Swati Jagdish

Lactation Counsellor, Pregnancy Health Coach & Psychologist, Founding Member & Event Co-ordinator for CPN