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  • Metarays bags Infotainment Company of the Year 2018 award for Inforoads!

Metarays bags Infotainment Company of the Year 2018 award for Inforoads!

May 24, 2018

Metarays bags Infotainment Company of the Year 2018 award for Inforoads!
Metarays bags Infotainment Company of the Year 2018 award for Inforoads!

A great idea is the beginning of any great change in the world. While anyone can recognise a great organisation, there are only a few people who can recognise a great idea that has the potential to change the world for better. The Indian Business Congress and the Entrepreneurship Council of India are clearly among the second category and are working towards identifying the best of young entrepreneurs and acknowledging their work with their coveted awards. This year’s edition of the Indian Business Congress saw the coming together of 40+ eminent speakers, who are pioneers in various fields of work and served as the meeting point for the present and future leaders of the entrepreneurship scene in India.

The event was held for three days from 27th of April to 29th of April, 2018 at Coimbatore. It served as a platform for entrepreneurs and leaders to ideate and explore various avenues of budding businesses and talk about common concerns and the latest developments. The honourable Chief Minister of Puducherry, V.Narayanasamy, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

Metarays from Bangalore was awarded the prestigious Infotainment Company of the Year award for their venture called ‘Inforoads’. Inforoads is based on an idea that is unique and much needed in today’s scenario. It is a portal that serves as a platform for information and articles in various Indian languages. While there are numerous online portals that feature the latest news and entertainment, it is almost always in English and regional Indian languages are grossly neglected. Inforoads aims to put up entertaining and informative content in the regional languages to promote the rich linguistic heritage of our country. Inforoads is live in English, Tamil and Hindi right now and is in the process of including other regional languages too.

Inbarajan, the Founder of Metarays, who received the award amid much applause and admiration from the business fraternity said, "Language is a part of the culture and it becomes synonymous with traditions and values of people. It is definitely more than just script and vocabulary. India is diverse and is filled with wealth in the form of so many different languages and cultures”. 

Metarays bags Infotainment Company of the Year 2018 award for Inforoads!

He pointed out to statistics that there are around 42 Indian languages that are spoken by less than 10,000 people according to UNESCO and are hence considered endangered. He also added that a whopping 250 languages have become extinct without a trace in the last 500 years according to the People’s Linguistic Survey of India and that 400 more are expected to follow the same fate in the coming decades.

He said, “When we lose a language, we lose the culture, arts, traditions and the intellectual property of the language too. Many surveys point out that when a language dies, the people of the territory migrate and often desert the region too. We will be losing valuable knowledge, art and our identity if Indian languages get endangered. In such a scenario, we felt that there is a need to do our bit to preserve the existing languages.”

By offering an entertainment portal in regional languages, Inforoads is set to emerge as a platform that encourages the youth of the country to read content in regional languages too. The idea was appreciated by the jury and received a great reception amidst the other entrepreneurs and guests as well.