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71 transfers, unpaid for 6 months: IAS officer Pradeep Kasni story unfolded

Mar 15, 2018

71 transfers, unpaid for 6 months: IAS officer Pradeep Kasni story unfolded
71 transfers, unpaid for 6 months: IAS officer Pradeep Kasni story unfolded | Credit: TLI Website

IAS officer Pradeep Kasni has got an unfair deal. He had to pay a price for his honesty with 71 transfers, sacrifice salary of 6 months and was made to serve in a defunct department. The BJP that raised voice against corruption intending to promote transparency has succumbed to accusations that show it in the wrong light with relation to the Manohar Lal Khattar government .

Kasni has been in the limelight for the prejudices meted out to him for always being righteous and honest. He paid the price by complying with the wishes of the government. He served a post that didn't exist. He didn't get a salary for 6 months because of that. Ultimately he went to the court to fend for his livelihood. Court's intervention did give him salary a few days before his retirement.

Transferred a record 71 times

Indian Administrative Service officer Pradeep Kasni was transferred 71 times in a bureaucratic career spanning over 34 years, mostly during Manohar Lal Khattar’s rule including three transfers in September 2016 alone. He states, "Sometimes you know how a government or a minister would want a file to be treated. And when people like me act differently; the result is a transfer order in the evening. Khattar or Hooda government, in some matters all the governments are the same.”

Not paid a salary for six months

Senior public servant in Haryana, Pradeep Kasni was not paid a salary for six months as he was serving a defunct department for which no budget was allotted. His last duty was as an officer on special duty in the Haryana Land Use Board, the department which was disbanded in 2008. Post his joining he got to know that his position didn’t exist at all; he had no staff to work with. He raised his concern to the Central Administrative Tribunal about his punished posting through an RTI application, the hearing of which would be on March 8. Questions are now being raised about his transfer to the department and his more than dozen transfers in the three years of Khattar rule.

How will Khattar prove the image of a clean government?

Kasni is not to be singled out. Joining the bandwagon are other whistleblower IAS officers like Ashok Khemka and Haryana cadre officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi who had pointed fingers towards BJP government for not acting as promised. Scams related to Vadra land deal for DLF in return for its deal and Haryana forestry scam during the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government has come to the forefront. The Khattar government has been maintaining a stoic silence on the issues. The government is denying a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the Haryana forestry scam. Isn't the Narendra Modi government adopting the same stance as Manmohan Singh’s government?

All these damaging accusations by Khemka, Sanjiv and Kasni are bound to make Khattar government sit up and notice and not escape unscathed for a government who wanted to nurture its image as a clean government.