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A Compassionate Doctor Who does a Humanitarian work Selflessly

Jun 22, 2018

A Compassionate Doctor Who does a Humanitarian work Selflessly
A Compassionate Doctor Who does a Humanitarian work Selflessly | Credit: City Daily

The government is held responsible for the legal and constitutional matters, but somebody should be responsible for the concerns that arise out of social responsibilities and compassion. Compassion leads to actions which are beyond constitutional matters and the constitution respects those actions and aids.

Our country has many NGOs, but it is hard to identify the genuine NGO. There are reports of NGOs that are set up to take over the government’s money in the name of social service. It is necessary to test ethics, time and effort of an NGO before working with them to avoid any wastage of resources.

There are various ways by which one can contribute towards humanity. One way would be assisting poor people in getting education, food, shelter, medication, etc. One can do it by making partnership with like-minded organisations that can help in achieving the goal. Everybody has the right to live an enriched and happy life but unfortunately many people in India live in poverty. So we should take an initiative to help those people as much as we can and effectively.

The narration of this act of a doctor is to promote consciousness, social awareness, sympathy and commitment amongst people toward our society and all humanity and to motivate and inspire them to whole-heartedly and efficiently perform their duties towards humanity.

Malnutrition is a major problem in India and India ranks high in the world as per the World Bank index if we look at malnutrition. A huge number of people in India suffer from malnutrition including pregnant women. To counter this problem, a 54-year-old doctor from Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, began harvesting and cooking vegetables to feed pregnant women visiting his hospital. Dr V Soundararajan, head of the primary health center in Seruvaviduthi in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu has been providing nutritious lunch for the pregnant women for the past 12 years as an effort to decrease infant mortality rate and anaemia in pregnant women. He has grown his own organic farm just 6 months ago.

He has now got some sponsors who donate for weekly lunch and Soundararajan harvests about 20 kg of vegetables including okra, pumpkin, cluster beans and snake gourd from his vegetable garden, feeding approximately 50 pregnant women a week. He distributes extra vegetables among women and give them fruits, dates and boiled pulses. Fifty pregnant anaemic women from poor families visit the primary health centre every Tuesday. The main reason behind infant mortality and maternity is the lack of knowledge to eat healthy food and those women had no knowledge of healthy food due to illiteracy that made him take an initiative of providing them healthy food instead of preaching them.

 Dr. V. Soundararajan has got monetary assistance from the state government and his friends. He educates women about the nutritional value of vegetables and has built a park for children in the hospital premises. Looking at his efforts towards society, his health centre has been given an ISO certification. 

He says he has come from the same rural background and he wants to raise those people who are from his own background and it has been possible so far only because of the assistance of his colleagues and friends.

The doctor, a diabetic medicine specialist, himself water plants, clears ground and sows seeds to provide one nutritious meal to pregnant women and this initiative took flight in 2006. He started incorporating organic farming methods only 6 months ago to ensure that pregnant women are getting good nutrition through the meals prepared at the health centre. Though Dr V Soundararajan is an allopathic doctor, he produces herbal plants at the health centre to make home remedies.