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Become a Master of your Time to enhance Productivity!

Nov 03, 2018

Become a Master of your Time to enhance Productivity!
Become a Master of your Time to enhance Productivity! | Credit: Zapier

If there is one aspect of life that equalises all human beings regardless of who they are, it is time. Every human being has 24 hours in a day and it is up to each person to make use of it in the best way to accomplish what they want to. It is said that every day is a miniature of your life and how you spend your day reflects the pattern of how your entire life will pan out. How well we utilise each day to get closer to our goals and how much we achieve is known as productivity. Let us look at some simple but important ways to increase our productivity each day.

1. Journal it

Maintaining a journal is one of the best ways to keep track of your thoughts, ideas, activities and your pattern of activities. If possible, jot down a journal entry every day or at least do it once a week. Audit your entries regularly to check for ways to improve your productivity further.

2. Always assign a time to it

Vague goals are dangerous and tend to make you procrastinate endlessly. So, make sure that you set a deadline for your short-term as well as long-term goals and activities.

3. Stay result-oriented

It is easy to convince yourself that what you have spent your time on is good for you. However, you need to really stay focused on your goals and keep a check on how your activities are taking you towards your goals.

4. Plan for distractions

Distractions are a part and parcel of our lives today. No matter how much we promise ourselves to stay focussed, something is bound to interrupt our thoughts or activities. So, it is best to have a buffer period for all these things.

5. The start of the day is the most important

Starting the day in a rush is not the best way to get the maximum number of things done. So, plan in such a way that you have at least 30 minutes for yourself each morning to prepare your body and mind ahead.

6. Keep your goals clear

Hazy goals lead to hazy results. It is only by defining your goals clearly that you can eventually accomplish them. It is also important to visualise your goals being achieved in order to increase the possibilities of success and this also entails a detailed description of your goals.

7. Keep your space for yourself

There are some things that require mental and physical space to get the best results. Have a safe spot for yourself where you can work in peace when you need to block everything from outside. If required, put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign to claim your space.

8. Unchain yourself

It is not necessary to attend every single call that you get or answer every single e-mail immediately. Instant messaging is another constant distraction that will bring down your productivity. So, schedule time for these things and stick to it. Do not let your day become a slave to distractions.

9. Steer clear of social media during work

Let’s face it. Social media is addictive. Even if you intend to just check for updates, you will find yourself scrolling through your feed for a long time and end up wasting your time. So, limit social media at work to the bare minimum and avoid it completely if your work does not require you to log in to social media.

10. Stay realistic

Right from setting your goals to eventually accomplishing them, make sure that you think realistically. There will be variables and unpredictable things that are bound to affect your plans. Don’t get stressed out because things are not happening exactly like you want them to. Keep iterating your plan and refine your activities based on realities.