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Munnar-based porter clears Civil Service Exams with just Earphones and Wi-Fi

Jun 08, 2018

Munnar-based porter clears Civil Service Exams with just Earphones and Wi-Fi
Munnar-based porter clears Civil Service Exams with just Earphones and Wi-Fi | Credit: India Today

Majority of the people attribute their failures to personal deficits that are beyond their control. But a handful of people have crushed the barriers and obstacles that seem impenetrable to others and have successfully attained their goals. This Munnar-based porter has cleared the Kerala public service commission examination with just a pair of earphones and free railway Wi-Fi. The story of this ambitious railway worker would inspire a lot of civil service aspirants who spend hours surrounded by books and relevant course materials. 

Srinath K is just a high school pass out and is working as a porter in Ernakulam railways. Pressured with the burden of supporting his family, the coolie earns his bread by loading and unloading the luggage of the railway passengers. While on duty, he listens to audio classes with his earphones to prepare for his examinations. The bright worker smartly balances the weight on his shoulders while having his brain alert for the lessons that he receives from his teachers through the earphones and the free railway Wi-Fi. If he cracks the interview of Kerala public service commission, he is likely to be the village field assistant under the land revenue department. When the media approached him, he said

“I will keep studying while I work as a coolie because I have the pressure of running my house... I will keep studying and appearing for exams. If I appear for enough exams, I am bound to get a good job.”

He also aspires to get through examinations for 62,000 Group D posts of trackman, cabinman, leverman, pointsman, gangman and others.

The best part of Free Railway Wi-Fi

Prime minister Narendra Modi's digital India initiative has been beneficial in multiple ways. The free Wi-Fi provided under Railwire, the retail broadband distribution model of RailTel Corporation of India Limited, has favored this coolie to listen to online classes and solve questionnaires. The government scheme has equipped nearly 685 railway stations with broadband connection and has planned to do the same for all the stations by the end of March 2019 at the expense of 700 crore. Sreenath has made use of this benefit to study for his civil service examinations.

The enthusiastic porter has stated the following

“I have appeared thrice for the exam and this is the first time I used the Wi-Fi at the station. What I do is put on my earphones and listen to the study material as I carry the luggage or solve questionnaires in my mind. This way I can study while I work. I revise all my work at night when I get free time"

Initially, he was not aware of the availability of railway Wi-Fi. Later, he used the internet to download model question papers which gets saved at the rate of 20-40 mbps. Internet connection also facilitated the access to online examination forums. This has helped him to save money on books.

While millions of people are struggling with the guilt of their past and the anxiety about what future has reserved for them, this high-school passout has been working with his present to attain his extraordinary dreams. The determined porter has set a new challenge for all those who detach themselves from the outside world to get prepared for the competitive examinations. With sheer determination and positivity, he has fuelled his dreams with hard work and willingness to fix problems.

With just free Wi-Fi and earphones, the coolie has proved to the world that his ambition and determination was far bigger than the burdens that were levied on his shoulders. The weight bearer has spoken about his dream job too. He wants to be an official in his region and use his abilities to better the lives of his people.