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Disability is in mind - Tale of brothers who made it big in IIT entrance tests

Jan 17, 2019

Disability is in mind - Tale of brothers who made it big in IIT entrance tests
Disability is in mind - Tale of brothers who made it big in IIT entrance tests | Credit: Betterindia

Physical impairment is no barrier to success. This spine-chilling story of the two brothers who have battled poverty and disability to crack IIT-JEE would inspire anyone to shake off their diffidence while riding on the path towards their goals.

Hailing from a small village of Paroria in Bihar’s Samastipur district, the eighteen year old Basant, managed to carry his crippled brother to school everyday, just to make their dreams come true- pursue Engineering in the Indian Institute of Technology.

Krishna, the older of two brothers was struck with polio and became disabled when he was just an year old. His parents were too poor to treat his illness or get him braces or crutches. Hence, going to school just like children of his age was impossible for him until his younger brother decided to carry him to school on his back. 

The siblings, despite a very small age gap, never had the rivalry or comparison factor between them. Unlike any other brothers who exhibit jealousy and competitive attitude, these aspirants developed a very strong bond since their high school. Their father had bought Basant a bicycle which he used to carry his brother to reach a senior secondary school, 10 kms away from their village.

Both of them performed exceptionally well in their academics and decided to prepare themselves for taking IIT entrance test. Their father, who was initially reluctant, was convinced to send the young aspirants to Kota which was around 1400 Kms away from their hometown to take coaching classes. 

Unfortunately, after a span of time, their father's financial status collapsed and he was not able to fund the siblings to continue studying.

Luckily, their generous older brothers offered to sponsor monetary help to make the ambitious brothers achieve their dreams.

Even at Kota, coaching centers, Basant continued to carry his older brother.

When the media was curious to know more about him and his special bonding with his brother, he expressed, “When I left the village for coaching three years ago, people in the village suspected my abilities and whether we would be able to continue like this."

For Basant, he has never felt burdened about carrying his brother on his shoulders. He has rendered the services to his dependant sibling with utmost love and care.

The sibling were extremely determined about making their dreams come true. He added, "All we aspire for now is to become engineers.”

Today, Krishna, with his sheer determination and hard work has managed to hit 38th All India Rank in OBC disabled category. Basant holds 3675th rank in OBC category. Since, the differently abled IIT achiever has been depending on his brother to carry out his regular chores, he wishes to be put in the same IIT with his younger one.

Basant aspires to become a Mechanical Engineering and then take up civil service to serve people better. For Krishna, polio disabled his body parts but not his vision to live a great life. He wants to pursue Computer Science in any of the IITs.

"Basant takes care of my daily life. Right from taking me to classes from home to getting me food, he does everything for me. He bears me on his shoulders. It will be very difficult to be in different campuses." says Krishna.

Let's hope that the IIT officials do their best to put the two siblings in the same campus so that they can stay together in their engineering journey.

Hard things are put in our way not to stop us but to call out our courage and strength. Krishna and Basant have set the best example for all those who consider disabilities as a hurdle to success.