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The story of a chauffer’s son going to IIM-A

Apr 15, 2019

The story of a chauffer’s son going to IIM-A
The story of a chauffer’s son going to IIM-A | Photograhy: Theeconomictimes

Stories of grit, determination, perseverance and hard work winning over dire circumstances are plenty around us. Whenever life gets the better out of us and we are too tired to go ahead, we look up to such stories and realise that nothing is impossible. These stories inspire us to go on and turn our dreams into reality. Twenty-two year old Hitesh Singh’s story is one such tale.

Hitesh is the son of a chauffeur and his admission into IIM-A has been a dream come true for him as well as for his family. Hailing from a family that struggled for years to make ends meet, this is surely a moment of great joy for him. 

Hitesh’s dad hails from Bihar and had migrated to Gujarat to find work. Although his family had a farming background, his father started to work as a watchman in Gujarat. Hitesh’s father as well as his mother could not study beyond class 10 due to financial restrictions.

Determined to ensure that their children do not face the same situation, Hitesh’s parents worked hard to send Hitesh and his brother to school.

Hitesh’s father went on to work as a driver and his mother sewed clothes and made samosas till the wee hours of the morning to add to their income.

Hitesh first realised the power of doing academically well when he was offered a scholarship in class 5. This made Hitesh realise that by studying well he can reduce the financial burden on his parents. He studied on scholarships by working hard and grew from strength to strength.

When he was in class 10, his father started working as a chauffeur to Mr R.S. Sodhi who was the Managing Director of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. He went to IIM-A frequently for guest lectures and Hitesh’s dad used to silently pray that his son should study in prestigious institutes like the IIM-A.

It is indeed heartening to see that after completing his undergraduate course in Dairy Technology from SMC College of Dairy Science, Hitesh finally cracked the CAT with a 96.12 percentile and bagged admission into IIM-A for an MBA in Food and Agri Business Management.

Hitesh says that he had studied strategically and covered the basics of each section of the CAT exam. He was barely able to attend coaching classes because he was working in shifts but still he found a way to include 3 to 4 hours of studying every day.

About choosing the field of Dairy and Agriculture, he says that he has seen how farmers and dairy workers are not able to make profits because of poor marketing structures. He says that whenever he got distracted from studies, his parents would warn that if he does not study well them he would have to go and graze cows or become a farmer. He wanted to change this state of the farmers. Hailing from an agricultural family himself, he says that he wants to find ways to manage the systems and provide solutions for the problems faced by farmers.

Ritesh believes that one should work with their heart and soul to achieve whatever it is that one dreams of. He says that values are most important in life and those are what will keep us going amidst success and failure.

Well, we sure agree with Hitesh. Going against odds and consistently working hard has led Hitesh to live his dreams and has made the dreams of his entire family come true. We hope that this inspiring story makes you go forward with a little more motivation towards your own dream!