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Transgender Achievers of India who’ve defied all the odds to stand out!

Aug 20, 2018

Transgender Achievers of India who’ve defied all the odds to stand out!
Transgender Achievers of India who’ve defied all the odds to stand out!

The life of trans-genders in India has been one of severe struggle. As a group, they have been marginalised by the society and the so-called guardians of culture. They have not been accepted and have been severely criticised for being who they are. Even though India history says that transgender and queer people have existed since ancient times, somewhere along we seem to have lost the capability to accept all kinds of people with an open heart and an open mind. The legal transgender acts in India are a sad testimony to the fact that our society is quite narrow-minded and non-inclusive.

The constitutional rights of trans-genders in India have been a hot topic of debate in the past decade. While the Delhi High Court's order in 2009 that decriminalised homosexuality between consenting adults was a much welcome move. 

But, it turned damp when the Supreme Court overruled that judgement and maintained that the High Court's order is not sustainable. The Supreme Court declared homosexuality to be legally punishable but it left the option open for the Centre to amend the Act.

Following this, many influential politicians from the ruling party as well as the opposition have spoken both for and against the LGBTQ community. In 2017, the Supreme Court held Right to Privacy a fundamental right and observed that sexual orientation is an attribute of that privacy. This was in response to a petition that was filed by LGBTQ activists that said that Section 377 is a violation of their fundamental rights. Following that, on July 2018, the Supreme Court agreed to begin hearing against the Section 377.

Amidst all these turbulences, there are many people from the LGBTQ community who have risen above and have managed to achieve what they want to. When living a common, undisturbed life itself is a challenge, these people have shown what courage and determination is. Within the LGBTQ community, let us take a look at some transgender achievers who have become role-models for all marginalised people in the country.

Madhu Kinnar

Madhu Kinaar is the first transgender mayor of the country. She contested for the post in Raigarh and defeated her BJP opponent by a good margin. 

She is a well-known crusader for the rights of Dalits and other marginalised groups of the society. Having been through intense hardships from childhood, Madhu Kinnar has won over all challenges and emerged victoriously. 

Kalki Subramaniam

She has masters degrees in journalism and mass communication and is a well-known writer and poet. She is an active fighter for the rights of transgenders and has empowered many from her community. 

As an entrepreneur and the founder of Sahodari Foundation, she lends support to people from her community who are in dire need.  

Kalki Subramaniam has recently made her acting debut in a film that chronicles the life of a transgender woman.

Padmini Prakash

She has donned many hats including the Miss Transgender India title. She became a prominent face on TV after she acted in soap operas. She also does voiceovers and is also a news presenter for a TV channel based in Coimbatore. 

She is a well-known media personality who is inspiring others in the community to not shy away from the camera.

Rudrani Chhetri

When Rudrani Chhetri tried to become a model, she was refused opportunities. She faces rejections because she is a transgender. 

As she observed that many people were going through the same challenges, she took things into her own hands and started Mitr Trust, a modelling agency that helps transgender models find quality work. 

She has grown to become a celebrity in the modelling world.