Who told Innovation is an Urban Trait!
Who told Innovation is an Urban Trait! | Credit: Thelogicalindian

Who told Innovation is an Urban Trait!

Dec 20, 2018

Rural India is the real heart of our nation. Even if the cities of India continue to transform into modern multicultural hubs, the absolute essence of our country’s evolution through the centuries lies in the culture and traditions of the villages. The people of the villages carry the values of India in their heart and possess the evolved intelligence of the modern world as well.  

As our society grapples with various issues, innovative solutions are the need of the hour and a lot of such innovations are happening in rural India. Let us know more about a few among the many rural innovators in India. 

Bommai N

Bommai from Karnataka is a person for whom innovation is second nature. He saw that making multiple rotis every day was a difficult task for his mother and he observed that this was the same with all rural women. To find a solution to this, he built a mechanical roti-maker that costs Rs 15,000. This innovation can flatten 18 rotis per hour that can later be cooked on a pan.


Weaving has been an art that has flourished in India since ancient times. However, traditional weaving is dying a slow death today due to the time-consuming processes and the laborious manual efforts that are needed. To help the weavers of muga silk in Assam, Dipak Bharali developed a device that simplifies the manual work. The device consists of a base, a magnetic bearing shaft and a bobbin. This has helped many weavers weave increased amounts of fabric is lesser time.

Santosh Kaveri

Santosh Kaveri from Karnataka has found multiple innovative solutions for problems around him. Belonging to a farmer family, he actively took part in farming even as he was studying side-by-side. 

He invented a unique braking system for bullock-carts that were not painful for the bulls or the person who rides the cart. He also built an innovative carrot cleaning machine that can clean one quintal of carrots in 15 minutes.

He also invented the Eco Hot Water Coil that can simultaneously heat up water for cooking as well as for bathing.

Madanlal Kumawat

With carpentry skills in his blood and innovation in his mind, Madanlal Kumawat always wanted to build solutions. This led him to build a machine that simplified the laborious process of threshing that depended on many unpredictable factors such as the direction of the wind. His machine takes care of separating the grains from stalks and husks. Since his first invention, he has upgraded his machine to various sizes and to be used for multiple types of grains as well.

K Mathews

K Mathews from Kerala recognised the menace that the problem of mosquitoes is. He also saw that most of the solutions for this problem led to further pollution of the environment. This led to his innovative solution of building a solar-powered mosquito destroyer that does not emit any harmful chemicals into the air. The machine effectively traps mosquitoes using the smell of septic tanks and then kills the trapped mosquitoes with solar heat.

M J Joseph

M J Joseph came up with a great solution for the dangerous manual task of climbing tall trees. He formulated a device with pedals and loops that can be used by climbers for better safety and an easier climb. The machine has proven to be very useful in the villages of India and is in demand in various other tropical countries as well. This is an example of a simple innovation solving a seemingly complicated problem in a cost-effective way.

Dwarka Prasad Chaurasia

This is an innovation that was formulated over three decades ago. Dwarka Prasad Chaurasia made shoes out of thermocol that were bonded with a rexine sheet. These shoes can literally make you walk or skate on water when used along with back supports made of metal and a pair of oars. This has helped many people manage during floods and has been a very convenient tool for rescue personnel as well.