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De Stressing after a rough week: Partying, a reason to be little more Youthful

Mar 28, 2018

De Stressing after a rough week: Partying, a reason to be little more Youthful
De Stressing after a rough week: Partying, a reason to be little more Youthful | Credit: Olichel

Good parties create temporary youthfulness, this was quoted by famous American author - Mason Cooley.

It’s very common to hear the saying – work hard and party harder. Does that really imply what it means? When we think of keeping in shape, what we always look forward to, after a week long work is to party hard. Though partying is associated with lot of alcohol, junk food and staying up late with your buddies, the only thing that shows up a positive aspect, is the happiness. And being happy is always healthy. Let’s take a close look what these night outs or in simple words parties do to our bodies.

Though I’m not going to justify any reason of social smoking, boozing and dancing all night, i’m going to bring some points about the effects that can be more or less temporary.

We all need to party. This is something everyone looks forward to after a rough week at work or studying hard! There are different means of partying. One can choose from a quality house party, party in a favourite nightclub or just bar hopping with your buddies. Everyone deserves to enjoy.

Let me talk about the ill effects first so that I can justify why I call it, obtaining temporary youthfulness! The activities involved in any general party are:

Smoking: This might have some placebo effect and help one to smoke around in public. But we all are aware of the ill effects of smoking. And we know that smoking is one of the major causes of aging.

Alcohol: Boozing is what mostly keeps people together in the world of party. It acts as a magic diet potion. We do it in order to de stress ourselves, and in turn we overdo and repent the next day with a bad hangover. When it comes to alcohol, a little may really do good to our bodies according to studies, but over doing it does a lot more than harm.

Junk snacking: Can you imagine boozing without the help of snacking on all sorts of junk? Any type of fried trans-fat is a welcome during a booze. This becomes the actual reason for increase in the calorie intake.

Lack of sleep: Whether you drink or not, partying leads to sleep deprivation. Our sleep routine is deprived.

Those were the ill effects. Now let’s talk about the pros. Stress relief is what we achieve during partying. As adults we tend be increasingly involve ourselves in millions of important tasks and responsibilities. This makes us unusually irritated and impatient. To strike a balance between work and life there is nothing like exposing yourself to the high energy levels of parties.

You not only destress yourself but you also tend to boost your social life. If you have the right set of people with common interest and wavelength, nothing can beat being out with this bunch of people.

But with all the good in mind and little track of your alcohol, junk eating and smoking habits one can take the boon of partying home while avoiding the filth. The key to health has been considered to be happiness. Why don’t we behave little disciplined and party so that this temporary youthfulness can be transformed to a lifetime of youthfulness? Cheers!