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Know the brands that you would give your first born to own

Feb 12, 2018

Know the brands that you would give your first born to own
Know the brands that you would give your first born to own | Credit Regina_Zulauf

There is no greater joy than welcoming a new born baby. Embracing the little one is one of the most emotional and exciting moments of life. Stress and anxiety about handling the infant is a part and parcel of parenting. Knowing what to expect after receiving the best gift of life can spare a lot of energy and frustration. Every parent wants to fill their child’s life and surroundings with finest products to ensure maximum comfort and protection. A little research about the wide assortment of children-related stuff available in the market can help the new or expecting mother make the best pick for her child.

Kids clothing

Choosing the best clothing for a newborn is one of the main concerns of the parents. It requires utmost care to be taken with respect to prevention of infections. It is also important to load the little one’s wardrobe with trendy and elegant collection. A list of exquisite kid’s brands can help the new parents to grab the most comfortable yet fashionable clothing for their little one.

Gini & Joy is one of the promising kids wear brands. The company is a proud winner of “best kids wear brand in India” award for the year 2006. It offers a wide variety of bright and vibrant clothing at affordable prices. With over 200 exclusive brand outlets, it has always stood out from the rest of the brands by offering long lasting and comfortable quality.

Lilliput is another premium brand that can help you match your munchkin’s cuteness with exciting variety of apparels. Though a little pricey, the quality that the brand offers always makes it worth the penny.

Little Kangaroos is very popular children’s brand which focuses on producing peppy and creative designs for children.

Cartoon network helps you spice up your child’s closet with outfits inspired by cartoon characters. There can’t be a better way to add colors to your little one’s childhood.

Kapkids is always the best destination to get your prince or princess the cutest looking outfit. The brand offers stylish clothes, accessories, footwear for every occasion and budget.

Brands like Cucumber and Skip hop come in handy for those people who are concerned about choosing attractive and long lasting apparels for their children.

Online shopping platforms like Hopscotch and First Cry are the saviours for mothers who cannot take a break from their busy parenting schedules. They bring at your door the best stuff at affordable prices.

Baby toiletries

Pampering your infant with good quality soaps and shampoos is an important part of their cleanliness regimen. A list of mild and kids-friendly toiletries is available in the market to make your baby feel clean and cosy.

Himalaya baby products is loaded with natural ingredients like gram flour and milk and are second to none in making your baby’s skin soft and supple. The brand offers good quality soaps, lotions, shampoos that cleanse and moisturize the tender skin of the newborn.

Brands like Sebamed, Chicco are priced slightly higher than the Himalaya products. But they are absolutely paraben free and contain natural extracts. The products are formulated for being gentle on baby’s skin.

Using disposable diapers is an important part of maintaining the infant’s hygiene. Choosing the right variety and size for the baby can make the baby feel warm, dry and comfortable. Brands like, Pampers, Huggies, Mamy Poko, etc offer high quality, moisture absorbing diapers and are specially made for overnight use.

Because of the convenience and ease, it is always recommended to use disposable diapers until the children are trained to use the toilets. But the disposable diapers are priced too high compared to the conventional cloth nappies. Some parents use modern cloth nappies as they are highly cost saving, comfortable and eco friendly. 

In order to ensure that your baby receives the safest stuff among the hundreds of products available in the market, it is important to take medical advice before getting into conclusions.

Some popular brands including mother and baby care ones have been accused of containing cancer causing elements in it. A clear idea about baby care facilities and a proper consultation would help your baby get the best pampering.