North East people rule the roost when it comes to beauty industry. Guess why!
North East people rule the roost when it comes to beauty industry. Guess why | Credit: Nearfox

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North East people rule the roost when it comes to beauty industry. Guess why!

Dec 03, 2018

A walk through the lanes of the residential colonies or communities of any major city is enough evidence that the beauty business is booming in India. You can find quite a couple of salons within a distance of a square kilometer radius once you venture into these cities.  

According to a survey by a Pune based research firm, it is estimated that on an average, around 61,000 salons can be found in a town with a population of more than a million.

If we move beyond the residential areas into commercial hubs these parlors take on newer a image as enhancement areas, beauty clinics, and salon-cum-spas et al.

These saloons promise huge employment opportunities right from saleswomen to beauticians, who all work together to make us beautiful.

Why Northeastern Indians?

The work of the pleasant petite ladies from the seven states of Northeast cannot go unnoticed in this field. Even though they get paid meagerly, you can always find them full of hope and behaving pleasantly at all times. 

The main reason for finding them here might be the better opportunities for them to earn. In spite of all the adversities they have to face due to the difference in language and culture they tend to take it in their stride and do a great job.

Also, it is a fact that these ladies have much better fashion sense than most, which is why they are the right people for these jobs.

Why Are They Better At Fashion?

Their heightened fashion sense can be attributed to the influence of Pop culture. These North Eastern States were never under the rule of any of the empires that ruled mainland India. That itself makes their fashion and culture completely different from rest of the country.

Even though it is known that North India, South India, West India have distinct cultures of their own, these areas have been under the rule of one empire at some point of time and this makes it culturally similar to the rest of the country.

However, in the case of North East, other than some parts near the Brahmaputra valley, no state has been under the rule of the empire that ruled any other part of the country. So, they were not that influenced by the culture and traditions of the rest of the country.

It was only under the rule of British that North East came under one rule. As fashion becomes part of the culture, they have a very different culture from rest of the country.

Another reason could be their matrilineal society. Their women are highly empowered women and they tend to find a living fighting against all odds. Also, they are extremely hard working and work their fingers to the bone.

Their friendly and pleasing nature also helps them to perfectly blend in with the crowd, which is very definitely required for the beauty business.

Problems They Face?

In some places, these workers have to face unfair labor practices and unsafe working conditions. They are threatened with salary cuts and have to compromise their dignity. They also face discrimination due to the difference in culture and traditions. In spite of all these odds, they put up a brave front and serve their clients with the most pleasing smile and continue doing their jobs in an ideal way.