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Randall Pich, The simple man who built his Million-Dollar clothing empire

Feb 08, 2018

Randall Pich, The simple man who built his Million-Dollar clothing empire
Randall Pich, The simple man who built his Million-Dollar clothing empire | Credit: Randall Pich

People take up jobs for earning their bread and settle with mediocrity. Only a very few dare to explore their capabilities and come up with ideas that fit into the space between insanity and dexterity. They are never afraid of breaking away from those typical job structures and creating their own way of income. Despite a humble start, these people have powerful life missions and never fail to build a team of highly efficient members. Randall Pich is one such business giant who carved a way for himself when others were busy running on the trodden path.

Randall Pich is a fitness trainer turned entrepreneur known for building his million dollar fitness and apparel business. His brand ‘Live Fit’ has gone a long way, inspiring millions of youth to stay fashionably fit. It is a unique lifestyle brand offering a wide variety of fashionable clothes, sports accessories and t shirts with catchy prints, especially for men and women who are keen on flaunting their muscles, physique and shape

It was never easy for Randall to reach this altitude. Apparel industry is one the hardest arenas to survive in and make an impression. But all that made the difference was Randall had a clear plan and an urge to make things work. He rose to the peak of success by making Live Fit an internationally acclaimed brand that is slated to make 8 million dollars every year.

The fire in him got ignited at the age of 13 when he wanted to raise money for his band group. He started selling merchandise to his fans. The success of his maiden venture encouraged him and he began selling hats and other apparels at the age of 15. When he entered college, he noticed a few of his friends making millions of money with their own clothing line. He also realized that the things he learnt in college never helped him in the real world. Helping himself with three full time jobs of being an apparel store owner, fitness trainer and a college student, he had a huge bomb of money hoarded in his wallet.

“Keep your options open and explore the outside world as you don’t get the real experience behind the desk” are his golden words to budding entrepreneurs.

Before being an apparel business star, he established himself as a local community figure by taking part in bodybuilding competitions. Social media helped him to promote his fitness videos and his designer sportswear. Once his collection was publicized, he was bombarded with so many orders that he had to quit training his clients and took up full time business management.

The best quality of a successful entrepreneur is to make the best people work for his company. He is supported by a brilliant team of people to make his brand work.

When asked about the reason for his million dollar clothing empire, Pich said that it was because of the confidence that he had on his product and what the product stood for. He believed in branding and marketing his clothes efficiently. The worldly experience he had gained all these years helped him and his brand has sold nearly 100 outlets across the globe.

His advice to young entrepreneurs

It is never too late to start a business. One should be cautious if the product is aesthetically appealing to the customers as they are the ones who make or break the business. It is important to recognize if the designs are great and accept constructive criticism He stresses that young business men should go out and observe how people make money. He wants people to understand that the world runs off of business.