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Smart and Useful Tips for Hosting a Party on a Budget

Apr 19, 2018

Smart and Useful Tips for Hosting a Party on a Budget
Smart and Useful Tips for Hosting a Party on a Budget | Credit: Pietro Jeng

Throwing a bash does not mean you get broke, spend too much or regret the event. It is possible for you and your friends to enjoy the party and have fun without going overboard with the expenses.

Enjoying the company of few select friends at your home or throwing a special occasion party can uplift your mood and does not necessarily mean you need to provide lavish food or luxurious dining table settings.

If you have the talent for entertaining, you can host a memorable and exciting party that your friends will enjoy. You simply need to plan smartly and realize that it is not money that is the deciding factor for a great party.

Credit: Blaque X
Credit: Blaque X

Food or Drinks Assistance

Food and drinks are central to any party so while you create the main course and staples let each invitee get potluck dishes or drinks. This idea will mean that all share the expenses and there is plenty of food and drinks for everybody to enjoy. There will be more variety as well, which will make it more interesting. It is important to let everyone know details well ahead to prevent any duplication. Ensure each dish or drink does not cost too much and have enough quantity.

Credit: David Bartus
Credit: David Bartus

Planning the Decor and Music

Music and décor liven up the party and provide the right ambience if chosen with care. You can make easy and simple DIY decorations by researching online and without spending too much. Ask friends to help and create a playlist that can add zing to the event and is great for dancing.

Credit: Fu zhichao
Credit: Fu zhichao

Break the Ice with Games

Games are a great way to lighten and brighten everyone’s moods and add life to the party. Plan the games well ahead and offer simple prizes that don’t cost a lot and add to the fun.

The Party Time Factor

Your party need not necessarily be held at dinnertime. Try a brunch or lunch party for the weekend and serve light drinks without burning a hole in your wallet, spending on cocktails or alcohol.

If You Provide the Food

Make sure you provide enough quantity and make homemade food to avoid expensive catering bills. Shopping for food must be based on discounted and bulk items available at supermarkets or online stores. Buy simple and budget ingredients and create easy to eat, delicious food. Try pastas, rice one pot dishes, stews, savoury meatballs, stuffed mushrooms or tomatoes, nachos, skewered chicken, and many other simple vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.  

Other budget ideas to host a party at home is to simply provide two heavy snacks and a single type of drink. Hosting parties at home are less taxing on your budget than at restaurants or public places. You can provide a single dish such as a quiche or pasta with a salad during a brunch and enjoy the get together. Invite friends over to watch a film and provide a simple delicious snack. Parties can be great fun if you are smart and plan well keeping your budget in mind.