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Why are Indian Brands Targeting Athleisure Segment?

Apr 16, 2018

Why are Indian Brands Targeting Athleisure Segment?
Why are Indian Brands Targeting Athleisure Segment? | Credit: CricTracker

In India, evolution of fitness industry is rising high. With high market fragmentation, astonishing market potential, and an end to end overall growth the health and fitness industry in India is poised at an inflection point. Several new business models are developing to settle in this industry because nowadays fitness, yoga, and workout are becoming buzzwords for Indian population.

In this particular segment, there is an increase in the number of brands. On the other hand with their exclusive brands for fitness/yoga/active wear, a lot of celebrities have come up nowadays. This is the industry which is providing lots of options to choose and growing at high-speed rate. I think this market does not have an end point because it is offering a lot of varieties for example accessories, apparel, and footwear. At present this industry has 330 billion of market size and still, it is growing.

Worldwide Market Size

Research firm of NPD group shows that in the US alone, the estimated market size for athleisure is 44 billion. The athletic apparel stole the market share from non-athletic clothing with a growth of 83 billion by 2020. From 42% to 270 billion, this is the growing status of sales over the past seven years. Big news came by WWD in late 2014 that this activewear industry was starting to overtake the denim market.

Increasing demand for an athleisure market:

We can find more and more reasons which show why this athleisure market is famous and is being preferred by everyone. In the wellness sector, it is the fastest growing area. All want to be fit, and for that exercise is the main thing so nowadays exercising is a vital part of keeping physical and mental health. They are also offering comfort and performance which is making it the most loved one which may be missing in other apparel trends. On these points, the consumer never wants a compromise and that’s why athleisure industry appears the perfect fit. With the rise in upmarket gym chains, the demand of athleisure is also increasing a lot. People are using this in a significant amount because people want to look good and cool, while they don’t have the intention of looking sweaty.

Giants in athleisure market:

  • AJIO as the latest brand with all latest collection of modish track pants, trendy hooded sweatshirts, and smart running shoes for men has joined the market of athleisure. AJIO comes with an in-house line of fitness apparel along with the versatile portfolio of Puma, Vans, and Wrangler, etc.
  • With a vast collection of sports-inspired clothing including joggers, tank tops, crop tops, sweatpants, etc. in different colours and new style patterns, Bewakoof Athleisure, which is another brand, is in high demand.
  • Fbb athleisure is another online company which provides 130 options with 38 styles for men, women, and kids, starting at a reasonable price.
  • Fashion and retail of Aditya Birla are currently worth of Rs.7000-crores in men’s innerwear and athleisure market.

In conclusion, athleisure in the current market is going to be a lead runner and can set a lot of profitable goals come true.