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Why spending some 'me' time is very important for working women?

Mar 27, 2018

Why spending some 'me' time is very important for working women?
Why spending some 'me' time is very important for working women? | Credit: Helpsg

A woman's body is created to bear babies and raise them while it is a man's responsibility to hunt the food, provide financial and social security. Today's women have broken the stereotype and have exalted the functionality of femininity to higher standards. They do strive to bear healthy children, nourish them with nutritious food, take care of ageing parents and ensure hygienic living conditions. But they don’t stop with these duties. Most of them step out of the house to add more financial stability to the family. 

Their list is crowded with activities like handling hospital and school appointments, planning vacations, discharging her duties to her extended family etc. They keep struggling to maintain a balance between the household chores and their responsibilities as a professional. Unfortunately, some women who are busy running with the fast-changing world do not spend quality time for their own benefits.

Women do unplug themselves from work and go for a vacation with family and kids. But very often it’s not a real vacation but a change of location to execute their responsibilities. After all the running around, it’s no wonder that women are exhausted. They are twice more likely to experience depression than men. They experience higher rates of anxiety and depression. On top of juggling multiple responsibilities and roles, women deal with hormonal fluctuations. Still, many women tend to put others in front of their own needs. This has lead to a condition called Compassion Fatigue.

How can women fight against depression and anxiety? It is high time for them to recharge themselves. 

A car analogy can help the readers to understand the idea better. People generally do not drive their automobiles till the fuel tank is completely empty. They do refill it once they are on the verge of depletion. Sadly, women treat their cars better than they pamper themselves. Here is a list of things that women can do to make self care a part of their lifestyle.

Being kind to oneself

“When you don’t spend at least a few minutes alone, you miss the company of the best person in the world." goes an old adage. Spending some time listening to soulful music, admiring the scenic beauty, enjoying their favorite food or even taking a soothing bath can help women handle their exhaustion.

Getting rid of negativity

It is easier said than done. But once the habit of positive thinking is initiated, it does wonders for distressed women. Listening to inspirational speeches, meditating or spending time alone can help them get rid of negativity

Creative work

Art can be a very big relief to depression and work tension. Visiting a museum or exhibition once in a while can change the mood of a stressed living. Hobbies like painting, crocheting and even cooking exotic recipes are so fun filled and they make a lot of difference

Connecting with people

Stretching your warm hands to equally exhausted women strengthens the entire community of females. Organizing ladies parties, laughing out loud and dining together can help women to support each other and make them the real queens. 

How long can women fly with broken or worn out wings? If a lamp uses all the oil to keep itself burning in order to enlighten the lives of others, it will be extinguished one day. Self care and rejuvenation is definitely not an option but a mandatory requirement. This rule applies to each and every soul that sacrifices itself for the well being of others.